General-Yo Hatrick Review

Hello everyone this is what I think about the Hatrick from General-Yo.

First impression: Killer looks; Sweet lip for thumb grinds; Nice and smooth like you would expect from General-Yo

First Throw: All I can say about it is that is the best yoyo EVER!! It is nice and smooth and quiet and unresponsive on your first throw.

Over all quality and play: This yoyo is probaly one of the best yoyos on the market.It stays quiet and unresponsive. Great yoyo for grinding and a very wide gap.

Specs: Weight (g) 64.1

Width (mm) 41.4

Diameter (mm) 50.3

Gap Width (mm) 4.3

Bearing Size = Large .250 x .500 x .187 in

AIGR Bearing (Aircraft Instrument Gyro Rated)

Response = Hat Pads

Great for floating on the string and hitting those hard tricks.

Ernie your the best I love what you did with genralyo. General-Yo=awesomeness.

Darn straight.

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I gotta get me one.

dang right