General yo Hatrick review by Hardcore Max

So here we go my atempt of a review of the general yo hatrick.

First Impressions

Super smooth, nice size, nice weight, great feel on the string and the shape is familar but new.


The play of the Hatrick is smooth but can be a bit unforgiving at lower speeds, the Hatrick is definatly for the player who wants to go fast. The feeling and shape of the Hatrick is the more of the classic style, flat rimmed and smooth lines, similar to the shape of the CLYW Wooly Marmot but, the Hatrick is a bit lighter, but that definatly does not make sleep times less, the AIGR bearing is great allowing for long sometimes noisy sleepers, letting you to work on those new tricks and combos.
Where the Hatrick stands out compared to all my other yoyo’s is this yoyo’s bead blast finish, its great and allows for super long ginds of all types, back hand, palm, thumb, where ever you can and want to grind this badboy. The gap bearing gap is very nice indeed, wide enough to allow for loads of string wraps but not to wide giving slippy sloppy binds, binds on the Hatrick are tight and snappy some sometimes though, too snappy catching your hands when you wern’t expecting it.

The Specs

Diameter: 50.16 mm / 1.97 inches
Width: 41.32 mm / 1.63 inches
Gap Width: 4.42 mm / .17 inches
Weight: 64.1 grams
Response: General Yo Hat Pad

The Response

The Hatrick uses General-Yo Hat Pads for the response. These pads are pretty good thats a given super tight binds everytime.

Stuck in the Middle

So at the heart of this great yoyo is the AIGR bearing and your generaly run of the mill short axle, similar size to the YYF Primo axle.

Lets have a look

So I got the half blue half red version, of the Hatrick, I really wanted one of the bad*** versions but hey I wasn’t quick enough, oh well, so here are some pics to show off this great yoyo.

So what do you recon of the Hatrick, very smooth looking huh?

My 2 Cents

So my say on the Hatrick by General-Yo. This yoyo is a very good example of the products that General-Yo is producing exceptional precission and a great finish. As I said before the Hatrick is great for playing speedy but can get a bit tempremental when you start to slow down so you just need to listen for the bearing slowing down. This yoyo out grinds any yoyo I own, it is truely in a league of it own in this aspect. In a comparison to another yoyo in likeness I wold say that the Hatrick is very similar to the CLYW Wooly marmot in size and weight although the Hatrick feel more soild while during trick and combos.

keeping it hardcore, your fellow yoer Maxamillian

thanks to all who read my review and leave comments, and thanks to YYE for the Specs

pretty good, could use just a little more info though.

Yeah I wasnt sure if I put enough in the review, where do you think I need to add more info?

some things i noticed you fogot was

  1. does it sleep good?
  2. the shape
  3. how does it feel to hold and throw

yeah your right I didnt put in points 1 and 2 but I got 3 in there, its in the play section. ;D

well, you said that it was a good through, and that it was fast, but i can’t find were you talked about the shape.

Ok, review edited see what you think now.

Good review man.
I don’t know how to say this, but i can’t imagine how it play enough.
But you describe the yoyo good enough.

good yoyo. I should be getting one of these soon~

it was limited edition. the only way you can buy one is off the bst. There sorta hard to find there but every now and then you can scrounge one up.

Have you played A CLYW Wooly Marmot before? I feel that they are very similar with playability and feel you get off the yoyo.

did u read it???

@ boywhoyo, the selections you have underlined were added after the post of M2

i have, but just a short while.
but i think it will be better if you describe it more next time.
like how is the personality of the yoyo itself.
it’s just an advice though.

Thats ok, I take on board all advice, esecially on my new reviews, as far as this one goes it was not one of my best but I have been slowly improving it with the advise of others.

nice review hope to see more from you :smiley:

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