Need some info on the Hatrick

Hey guys,

So lately I’ve been hearing a lot about the hatrick. I’ve heard nothing but good about it and was enchanted with it. I wanted to know what the big buzz is over this throw and how is it good?

*(expecting Samad to creep out of nowhere and answer this… lol)

I held Samad down for this one. :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s smooth and hard to get, so lots of people want them. It’s a good yoyo, but it’s not OMG FREAK OUT CAUSE THIS YOYO IS SOOOOO AWESOME I THINK I JUST PEED MY PANTS awesome, unless it fits your preferences.

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It’s only the best yoyo out there. imo. ;D

I love General Yo yo-yos, and the Hatrick is a great throw. I recommend it but I prefer my 5* over how the Hatrick plays. It is all up to you, some people love it and some people look at it like just another yo-yo. You will have to find your own way.

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Haha k thanx guys

no vibe. super soft beadblast finish. Comfy shape.
Just feels right.

I have two. ;D

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it has a great finish on it
very very smooth
no vibe
has a good size and defiantly a good shape
the C size AIRG bearing has a lot of quality
pretty big gap
has very nice grinds

I love it love it love it lol, But again throws are based on preference for me it was exactly what I was looking for. Good feel while in hands for its weight it moves uber fast, Buttery smooth grinds, to me whats not to like?

Agree with you there - I love the Hatrick, but I actually prefer the 2nd run 5 Star ever so slightly. Maybe because I’m an adult, so my hands are a bit bigger, 5 Star feels “just right” - also prefer the shape, a little more rounded on the angles vs. “squarish”. Both awesome, and won’t ever sell either one though.

I have read nothing but good things. I shall know for myself soon enough, and they look great.
His badarse edition looks great.

It was pretty ehh for me. Super smooth but super boring. Can’t see myself reaching for this one when I want to play yoyo. Don’t get me wrong, it’s an excellent yoyo, just kinda boring.

If anyone’s interested I have my 1st run Hatrick now officially up for sale on bst (sorry for the thread jack and the blatant defiance to Samad :P). PM me if interested.

To address the OP, the Hat Pad response is probably the best response I’ve tried so far. All the grip of a good silicone job with minimal wear after extended usage. The beadblast is also incredible for grinds and even just to hold. The gap is somewhere in the 4mm range to create a very balanced feeling response - wide enough for plenty of string layers but narrow enough for a consistently tight bind. Also the size falls comfortably in the mid-undersized range but the full shape makes it fill out your hand nicely.

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I’d love a Hatrick . Anyone?? Might have a necro record here.


It worked!!! God I do love a good Necro.


Necromancy is frowned upon in these parts good sir.

But seeing as we are here I need me a 5 star and hattrick in my collection. I’m surprised I don’t have either


Me too. Get the og red black 5 star first. It’s really good.

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You really do. I’m hunting a hatrick, but I do have a light green/ dark green 5 Star and it’s fabulous. So nice in the hand.

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