General-Yo Hatrick: The BadAs* of them ALL.


Wake-up. Scream. Yup, it was my birthday. Well it didn’t exactly end up like that. But it was sure dang good. For one reason, the General-Yo Hatrick. The nominated best beginning brand of 2009, made in the USA, I introduce to you, the General-Yo Hatrick.

First Throw/Impressions:

I opened this black, and silver beauty out of a package with a dog tag necklace, sticker, and a message saying " Happy B-Day from General-Yo." I was pretty thrilled. Though there was some real competition between my 5Star and new hatrick. Was it going to be better or worse?

As it released out of my hand, I was very anxious. It fell dead smooth. I was stunned, and started playing into euphoria. It was amazing, beautiful, and stunning. I was dumbstruck in a sense, it was just very, unexplainable.



AIGRs are one of my favorite bearings. They spin for a great amount of time. They are unresponsive and quite amazing. Though, honestly they can be quite noisy at times, but a little thin lube kills it all.


There was a little bit of talk about how awesome these pads were. And in some ways, I doubted that. But, I was totally wrong. These pads are very consistent. These provided binds that were not to tight, but not to loose. I also like that these were large pads, so they last longer.


This yo-yo is simply amazing. I find it very smooth and comfy in the hand. One goal Ernie accomplished. On every throw, it was vibe free, and as mentioned smooth. Now the difference from the 5Star was that the Hatrick was much floatier. It wasn’t like it felt completely gone. It was solid but floaty. The Hatrick also had some amazing spin time which was not surprising because of the rim weight just like the 5Star. And to top this off, was the amazing grinds Ernie provides with his undeniable bead blast.


To wrap this up. If you’ve never thrown a General-Yo. You’ve never thrown a yo-yo at all. The Hatrick is simply amazing. Ernie put his pride and joy into all of his yo-yos, topping each one off. I cannot thank Ernie enough for this great gift, and cannot wait for whats coming next.

Thanks for reading,