General-Yo Hatrick Review

Ok, I got just this Morning, a Half Red, Half Black General Yoy Hatrick. I heard Awesome Things about this Yoyo. I know people all over the Forums are like Crazy for Hatricks. Its a Very Famous Yoyo, and it this is my first General-Yo Yoyo I have ever tried by the way. So, I couldn’t Wait to play with it!

First Throws:
I first just threw it down and did a bing return, and I already knew that this yoyo was Extremely Smooth, and I knew it was gonna be Awesome! Then I started my Tricks, and it was Incredible! The Yoyo Was SO SMOOTH, I can’t even tell you how good it feels in your hand. It makes the Most Awesome Sound when its Sleeping! It was So Good, I Knew it was gonna be my Best Throw (So Far)!

This Yoyo plays Unbelievable! I honestly can’t even believe Im not playing with it right now. lol. But, The Hatrick is Incredible! I mean, This Yoyo fits my Preferance So Well, Sometimes I think General-Yo Stalked me for a while, and studied my Yoyo Preferances, and made a Yoyo that is Made with all my Favorte Stats! (JK) But, It really does fit my Preferances, Really Well. The Grinds are Amazing too! It like Glides across your Arm with a Very Gracefull Flow. It Sleeps Really Long, Maybe around 3 Minutes. Its Great! I Love it!

This was kind of a Short Review, but Im a little busy with some stuff, (And I want to go play with my Hatrick! XD) But, This Yoyo is Smooth, Long Sleeping, Stable, and Incredible! Its my Favorite Yoyo Now, and I like it more than the CLYW Peak. Thats how Good this Yoyo is.
I am gonna make a Video of this Hatrick Soon, and I will Attach the Link when Its Uploaded.
So, Tell me what you think! Happy Throwing! :wink:

on the first hand,
specs and pics would be nice.

on the second hand,
im glad to see your rebuilding your yoyo collection :slight_smile:

Oh, Yeah I am.
Thanks, btw. I did some work, and now I have a few Yoyos now. :slight_smile:

General Yo FTW.

Nice review, can’t wait for the video.

Redundant? Sorry, I couldn’t resist

Is it responsive? Mine is, can’t get it unresponsive…
Cleaned and lubed the bearing numerous times, even bought an new AIRG bearing…
Still responsive, i gave up on trying to get it unresponsive…

Yeah, Thats Strange.
Mine is Completely Unresponsive.
You might want to Email General-Yo about that.

You have got to break the bearing in.

Where did you find it? Are there anymore left?

Make sure that there is no gunk in the bearing seat.