Check it out!?!!?

well i was on the Generalyo site and i stumbled upon this.

I cant find hatricks in stock anywher but…
They actually have Hatricks in stock. I was looking into 1 but i can not afford it at the moment and thought id let u guys check it out! save 1 for me !! lol jk obviously you wouldn’t save 1 for me its a Hatrick. let me know if you get 1!

This one isn’t a big deal - but just to be consistent the link has been edited out. If you want the link please PM poster directly.

This is good info but its really best not to advertise other websites on

Wait are these in stock?!

true my bad. we dont have any in stock nobody realy does and its not an actual site tell you the truth it only has hatricks in stock and nobody else does. i dont think andre will mind if he does ill remove the post.its not like its a giant webstore that sells different brands of yoyos tho

Sorry Andre my bad. :-[

]^ Sorry I wasnt trying to draw so much attention lol just a friendly reminder.

haha its alright he said this want a big deal at all. just keeping it consistant. 8)

Yes I ordered it!

i got mine from a slightly bigger sight. i am not sure if i should post it, but it couldn’t hurt