YYE Hatricks arrive!

(Kei) #1

YAY!!! This is so cool, I got the first Red/Blue one on YYE (I think). Anybody else get one? I am suprised, its been like two hours and there still 8 red/blues and 3 special editions. I thought they would all be sold out.


I want the OG red/blue…

(Q) #3

And yet another great store find by Kei.

(stephen_cameron) #4


(Kei) #5

Ah shucks. Thanks Q.

By the way does anybody know what the box that the Hatrick comes in looks like? Can anybody post a pic?

(Q) #6

Well when there is a new realease, you are the first to let us know. That’s a big responsibility for you! :stuck_out_tongue:


WE RELY ON YOU KEI. DO NOT UPSET US OR WE WILL… you get the point lol. You have had like 15 graet finds lol.

(Kei) #8

lol, yeah I guess so. I will tell you in 2-5 days! ;D


Lol. No! Do it now! LOL!

Ok 7 left on the OG 2 tone.
ITS THE FINAL COUNTDOWN til all the Hatricks are gone!

(Kei) #10

Well I can only guess that it is the regular white box with the General-Yo logo on it.
Even the USA edition Hatricks came in them.

But again wont know for sure. I AM JUST SO EXCITED I GOT ONE! I have been throwing for quite some time and this will be my first metal.

(LookAYoYo) #11

if i said add to cart, and then the number goes to 0, will it remain in my cart? i can’t get one until my mom gets home, and they will be gone in about 2 hours. all of the west coast people just got back from school/work


Der you go.

(Kei) #13

I dont think so, I tried it once but it didn’t work. You should try anyway just in case. :wink:

Thanks yoyofool.

(Q) #14

Am I the only one that air drummed the final countdown?


(Q) #16

the items are only reserved at checkout


Irony at its best: I have been saving up for weeks to get a Badass edition HATrick. They finally come in stock at YYE. My moms not home till 10:00 tonight. Order chance: BIG FAT ZERO


yoyoexpert isnt the only place to have them.

(LookAYoYo) #19

am i the only one who can play along on the trumpet? yeah. i do other stuff than yoyo. like play one hit wonders on the horn.

(Kei) #20

I do the sax! Lets get a band together!