YYE Hatricks arrive!

YAY!!! This is so cool, I got the first Red/Blue one on YYE (I think). Anybody else get one? I am suprised, its been like two hours and there still 8 red/blues and 3 special editions. I thought they would all be sold out.

I want the OG red/blue…

And yet another great store find by Kei.


Ah shucks. Thanks Q.

By the way does anybody know what the box that the Hatrick comes in looks like? Can anybody post a pic?

Well when there is a new realease, you are the first to let us know. That’s a big responsibility for you! :stuck_out_tongue:

WE RELY ON YOU KEI. DO NOT UPSET US OR WE WILL… you get the point lol. You have had like 15 graet finds lol.

lol, yeah I guess so. I will tell you in 2-5 days! ;D

Lol. No! Do it now! LOL!

Ok 7 left on the OG 2 tone.
ITS THE FINAL COUNTDOWN til all the Hatricks are gone!

Well I can only guess that it is the regular white box with the General-Yo logo on it.
Even the USA edition Hatricks came in them.

But again wont know for sure. I AM JUST SO EXCITED I GOT ONE! I have been throwing for quite some time and this will be my first metal.

if i said add to cart, and then the number goes to 0, will it remain in my cart? i can’t get one until my mom gets home, and they will be gone in about 2 hours. all of the west coast people just got back from school/work

Der you go.

I dont think so, I tried it once but it didn’t work. You should try anyway just in case. :wink:

Thanks yoyofool.

Am I the only one that air drummed the final countdown?

the items are only reserved at checkout

Irony at its best: I have been saving up for weeks to get a Badass edition HATrick. They finally come in stock at YYE. My moms not home till 10:00 tonight. Order chance: BIG FAT ZERO

yoyoexpert isnt the only place to have them.

am i the only one who can play along on the trumpet? yeah. i do other stuff than yoyo. like play one hit wonders on the horn.

I do the sax! Lets get a band together!