is the hatrick discontinued because its never in stock


its discontinued?!?!?!

The Hatricks will most likely never be made again. Generalyo made them a while back, they went to stores, many bought them, and then they sold out, and now Generalyo is making new yoyos. So if you didn’t get one you lucked out. No stores have them, except maybe a store overseas but I don’t know. The only way you can really get one is through the bst. Put a yoyo up for trade and try to get one, or just offer to pay for one in the bst. Still, many people love the Hatrick, and not many will give one up. But you can try. :wink:

~James Reed!

Yes, that means they don’t make Hatricks any more. Now, Generalyo is currently making the MiniStar, and the Magnum is soon to come after that. :wink:

~James Reed!

Here’s the last 7 of the 2nd run hat tricks on sale in the world.
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Please do not post direct links to stores. Instead just mention that you have seen them and people can PM you for more information.

And then The E - oh whoops… top secret info. ;D I can’t say the whole name. :stuck_out_tongue:

Stop teasing people! >:O

NO!!! Stop!!! lol

You mean the Es-? I saw the “General-Yo Es-” on the website. I can’t wait until the Es- comes out.

It’s not up on their website. If you’re talking about the picture if you scroll all the way down on the hompage, that’s the magnum.

Maybe it’s a new throw called, “The Ernie!” ::slight_smile:

Nope. I know the whole name. The first letter is e… but that’s all I’m giving up.

Samad said Es- not Er as in Ernie.

I’m betting on Espionage.

I’m betting on Esamad.

Esamad would be awsome haha
Maybe the Essential

I thought there wasn’t problem with it if it was an item that wasn’t carried by yoyoexpert. As I understood it, the Hat Trick is discontinued and out of stock.

I know a couple websites that have the 2nd run Hatrick in stock. But they are discontinued.

Look at the attatched picture. General-Yo Es- The rest is covered my the magnum.
EDIT: Also,

Uh the es- is the Established.

Oh, okay. I just thought that it was the name of the new yoyo, because of Samad saying Es- and becuase the Magnum was covering Es. My mistake. :wink: