Hatrick GOne????

NO MORE HATRICKS??? ok so I looked under general yo and their is no more hatricks selling on yoyo expert!!! I thought they would restock them…

Any way…

US stores selling a Hatrick???

There are a few here and there i do believe but your best bet would be to get one on the bst.

they are discontinued. ur outa luck.

Yup. We’re never making them again.

cry… :frowning:

Know any place that has em

If you’re the one who asked me the question on Formspring.me, I answered it.

my bad… forgot to check your response…

and I checked the website and it was in in Spanish!!! I couldn’t read anything!!!

also how did u know it was me…

Well, that’s the only place they are available, so you can either order it from there or not order it at all.

ok mabeee but it might have to wait a bit

I suggest you get a ministar instead. Theirs tons of them everywhere. If there from General-yo they have to be good. I’ve yet to try one though.

I know… I am buying one thursday

I asked that question. :stuck_out_tongue: I do know an american website selling Hatricks…

you told me you didnt

I just found one recently. Before that I didn’t. PM me for the website.

They didn’t make a ton of Hattricks and they were in high demand so most of them are sold out.

The Ministar is a totally different yoyo. If he wanted to get a Hattrick, then getting a Ministar wouldn’t be anywhere near the same thing.

There are websites that translate webpages for you. :slight_smile: