where can I get a general-yo hat trick


Where can i get them

                               -Julian :)


Hopefully I am obeying the board rules but a few over sea’s stores still have one or two. they also have them in a gold anno that is only available in europe.

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the bst


Hey look! A fellow Julian!

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They are discontinued, so you’ll have to find one in a BST.

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there are some in the BST right now if your quick.

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Agreed. Unfortunantly, the Hatricks are discontinued. But, the MiniStar is making its way to stores. 8)

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Dude all I have to say is the Production run Ministar with the deep beadblast is so amazing. Get one. And a Hatrick from another site that I can’t say that bases itself in Europe… hint hint


I hate how General-Yo makes a yoyo, and then like a month later it’s discontinued. Then they make another, then discontinue it.

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Adds to the rarity. Makes your General-Yo more special. Go General-Yo!!!


I just bought one this week from a shop in Spain. They still have 8 in stock (blue, red). Write me a PM if you are interested.


which store did you get it at


most small yoyo companies do that


To respect the rules, I’ve send you the link via PM!


thanks but if i get it will it send to america


Yes, as far as I know they ship nearly everywhere!

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Ernie isn’t big enough to make Hatricks and new ones. He doesnt have the time. Yoyo factory has employees so theyy can make a bunch of 888s


whats the bst ???

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BST is Buy Sell Trade, it is a part of this forum.


bst= Buysaletrade ;D