So, I noticed that General-Yo has a first run and a second run for all their yoyos, that means they only restock it to websites twice before discontinuing it. So the Hatrick is now discontinued. Sad, I know. I emailed Ernie the owner of General-Yo to conform this. So if you see a General-Yo yoyo you really want, you’re going to have to buy it fastly before they discontinue it.

awww i love the hatrick!

thank god i already have one!!!

Too bad I don’t. But on the bright side I will be getting a Mini-Star before it’s discontinued.

I have a Hatrick and a Mini starrrrr

Please don’t brag. I’m tired of waiting for it.

Just because there were two runs on all the other yoyos doesn’t mean that you can assume that it’s discountinued. It might be, it might not be. But I would doubt that he only does two runs before deciding to discontinue. Perhaps I’m wrong.

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It’s a boutique yoyo company, man. He makes what he wants to make when he can make it.

No, its final. He won’t be making any more hatricks. At least for a while.

The Hatrick was originally supposed to be a one-run-and-done design if I remember correctly, so the 2nd run is purely by the grace of Ernie as it was never really promised. And Q, I think you’re probably right. I don’t think he’d specifically limit himself to 2 runs.

its like the SR-71 Blackbird. It was decommisioned twice.

the hatrick is so awesome!!!
i want it so bad!

It’s all good. General-Yo has some fine things planned. 8)

Not true. I conformed it with Ernie just like I said. 2 runs for every General-Yo yoyo except for the Torrent, and then discontinued.

Nice fact to know. And there will be a MiniStar run comming up soon, and then a 2nd run of that, according to what you said. And I hear that new Generalyo throws are being designed! But I am sure that if people wanted another run of a specific yoyo he could make an exception. And haha, now I can bug Ernie about making a 2nd run of the Torrent! :stuck_out_tongue: As it is the one yoyo I need to complete my Generalyo collection.

True. 8)

~James Reed!

What he meant about new throws being designed is he is still designing the Mini-Star. You’re right, he never made a second run Torrent. Well, he said he might make old releases and make more of them.

Nah, the Mini-Star is ready. I’m pretty sure he’s going into machining and stuff now.
And yeah, another Torrent run would be pretty awesome. I’ve seen a lot of people request more, and it seems like it won’t happen. But I’m not Ernie. Maybe someone can point this post to him, so he can shed some light on everything. :slight_smile:

Any news on that MG yoyo?

Ask Ernie, lol.

All I have to say is that I played one of the Prepros and it is RAD!!!

~James Reed!