Literally just arrived in the post 10 mins ago!


this just arrived in the post! YYJ Dark Magic Master Edition! YEY BABY! lol im not a pink kinda guy but this is sexy! lol!! il write a review as soon as i can put it down! lol


Congrats. I’m sure you will enjoy it ;D

(Mark) #3

Aw… I wanted one but it was out of stock :stuck_out_tongue: Oh well, Il just have to wait and see if I can find a place that has them.


yeah! i was lucky because i live in england i managed to find a place that still had them! they’re the only shop i could find, who have them in stock! i spent ages searching! i think they still have a few in stock! not sure about shipping cost to USA etc but it might be worth a try if u still want one!
the site is i know the deliver to uk n europe but im not sure about US! their email is you never know you might be lucky n they’l post to USA!


oooops! sorry! i just checked their website n it would appear i got the last one! lol its not on their site anymore! god i was lucky! sorry dude! u hate me dont you ! haha!

(SteveYoYos (Steven)) #6

Wow!  That thing is nice! And Welcome to YoYoExpert!  You’ll have a great time here.  We have learning, shop, accessories, news, GREAT forum, and Chat Night.  If you have any questions just ask!

Here’s a guide i wrote to show new users what we do, and what it does.

There you go!  Hope you like my guide!


(Mark) #7

Nah. We’re cool. First come first serve afterall! Congrats and yeah, il just end up getting the Speeder or Original DM once they have the color I want in stock. (White Speeder) (Red DM)


lol! yeah i wanted i red dm or the master ed! iv look all over the place for more master editions, i think i may have got the last one in england! cant find any more uk stockiest! how lucky am i lol! its my first good yoyo! i cant believe how fast im progressing with it! lol its awesome!

(Mark) #9

Thats great! Haha. I can’t believe how well im progressing with a Audley Sonic Dragon and my Fast which is slightly broken. I can’t wait until I get my first high end yoyo. Maybe it’s the psycological aspect of having a certain yoyo that makes you better. Hmmm… Il have to look into that.


it may be! it definitely feels better lol! compared to the yoyo i was using before my dm is so smooth! n keeps goin even if i mess up! which i do alot! lol


I know the felling, I started seriously yoyoing with the fast, and when I got the Legacy…WOW!

(Mark) #12

Don’t we all mess up? And I bet I will be the same.


yeah we do, and thats the great thing about yoyoing! u mess up! so wen u get the trick down it makes it worth it! my girlfriend is sick of me goin “look at this! look at this! look what iv just learned” haha

(Mark) #14

Hahaha. I dont have one so i dont have that problem. My brother is like yeah whatever and gets back to playing video games.


haha my brother is the same, except he says “god you re a geek, or your 22 grow up!” to which i reply “ur 24 n playin video games, which are mine so hush up!” haha!

(Mark) #16

Hahaha. Hes younger than me and yeah. He says the same thing.

(SteveYoYos (Steven)) #17

Haha! Yo-Yoing is more cool than video games. I’m not offending you video game coughcough* GEEKS.

(Mark) #18

Hahahaha. Now now lets be civil.


haha! i cant really comment! i love yoyoin but i must admit i do live my PS3! lol deep down i think there a bit of geek in us all! lol

(Mark) #20

Yeah, I like to play Super Smash Brothers Brawl sometimes. I think we have strayed alittle.