Deal or No Deal? Pending trade - Hatrick for Marmot

No, this is not a covert “should i buy this or that yo-yo” thread. :wink:

I have a pending trade and i need help making a final decision. The guy wants to trade his nearly mint Polar Berry Wooly Marmot for my production run Hatrick with 2 small non-play-affecting dings. I really like my Hatrick, but I don’t feel like it really gets as much play as it should. My main reservation is that the Hatrick was purchased for me as a Christmas present for several dollars over retail price, and it’s currently my only non-YYF metal. It’s also my first “big” trade and I want to make sure I’m not getting the short end of the stick. I have however been wanting to try a CLYW throw and I know that they do have their share of dedicated fans. He is also offering the original packaging and LE card that came with it, and I do not have the original packaging.

Bottom line: Is it a fair trade? Should I go for it or send him packing?

As a side note: Please don’t make recommendations based on color. I’m a sucker for blue so it’s good to go with me on that one. I’m looking for recommendations based on play and value only!

NO GIVE ME YOUR HATRICK. JK, but this is a hard decision. I personally really want a hatrick, but CLYW are pretty good. Hmmm, I dont know. Go with the one you REALLY want. I know that is not much help but I really don’t know anything about the two. ???

Thats a tough choice.
I would do anything to get my hands on a Hatrick. (its my klondike bar). But I know that CLYW makes really high quality throws. I’m sure that the present giver would understand if you traded it for something you really want. If you think you’ll enjoy the Marmot or at least think that you can give it the attention that you feel you can’t give you Hatrick than go for it. You’ll just be replacing one high quality yo-yo with another. I hope this helps.

I would consider a FHZ for a 5star a fair trade. If you are both happy about the outcome then why not.

Thanks for your input so far guys.

I just checked my PMs and he’s retracted his offer wah wah wah… Oh well, I’d still like to know what you guys think in case an offer like this comes back around.

And icthus… when did you become the man? (edit: you’re not the same man we’re supposed to stick it to are you? ;D)

It is a pretty self-serving title, don’t you think?

He retracted his offer? Dang. lol I wish i could put an offer on the Hatrick. ;D

And why are you the man? lol

Well hey I’m not locked into any trades or sales on it now so I’d say an offer never hurts :wink:

Haha it never hurts you. I’ve had a bit of a spending spree lately. ::slight_smile: lol Maybe if I could get a couple of pics lol

would you be interested in a mint Werrd Two Fat Ladies 88 Groovy? Eh? Eh? maybe some cash as an added nudge?

PM me if you are interested.
(btw, its my avatar picture)

KEEP IT YOU DUNCE! :stuck_out_tongue:

The Hatrick is limited. The Marmot is still most likely going to be around for a long time. You will have many more opportunities to get one.

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We were waiting for that ._.