What's your rarest yoyo?

Not necessarily your most expensive. Ones youd never see again. Pics would be fun too

Raven 08 888

1 of 3 dual tone canvas

Engraved raw 08 flea

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yoyorecreation Perfectstar.

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I depends, if you want to know rare as to the quantity of a yo-yo model originally released, if you want to know the rarest colorway, or if you want to know what is rare as far as the probability of being found still mint in the wild. I think it can be interpreted a lot of ways, so “rarity” depends.

For example, Andre said he thinks this small bearing Genesis is a collectible. I have had trouble finding a second mint one. It probably was not rare when it was released, but it’s rare now…or so it seems. If you spot another one, especially in blue…hit me up. I consider it rare due to availability now:

I got this Rex from Chuck Short…he says due to the colorway it’s a 1 of 1. The yo-yo is not rare, but it is rare in this colorway. It was made for him, but I have it now (thanks Chuck):

My 7075 Majesty, rare due to colorway, is 1 of 7, according to the General Yo website:

I asked Oxygene on Facebook how many of these tattooed Titanium 9.06s were made. They said about 15. I own 2 of the 15, if that’s the case. Rare in general, in my opinion, is this yo-yo and even more rare in this tattooed edition:

According to General Yo website, unengraved Essence is 1 of 3…or less (very likely):

I cannot confirm the rarity of this one, but I bought it on Ebay, and it was from the collection of the CFO of YYJ. I have not seen anyone else with one of them. It is an original Dark Magic in this purple with green speckles. I will contact Yoyojam to ask them how rare it is. :-\

Probably about 36 of these Lab Experiments exist out there, but don’t quote me on that. I read on the One Drop site that there were about 15 made with no numbers, and then 21 numbered ones. I have #19:

I have a Dri Ywet, 1 of 100 I think. Rare for a yo-yo model in some people’s eyes, especially if mine still looks like this:

This YYE Edition Barracuda is one of 15. But, my YoYoExpert Editions are all limited colorways in general. This applies to all of them really, but this is my favorite photo…so here ya go:

I hear this cherry blossom Dingo colorway is rare. Looks like a 1 of 20 according to this:


This SPYY x YYE EH yo-yo…how many of them were in the first run? Not too many I’d guess: I have a few.

I’m thinking that Oxy Ti is the true rarest for me, so far. The others are colorway stuff, or just no longer for sale and hardly found out there. Anyone know how many blind orbiters were made? I’ve always wanted to know.


No longer have it, but loved it when I had it.

I would give various parts of my anatomy for this. Beautiful. I’ll add some pics to this thread later methinks. I am very very lucky because Irdaprez (who is a legend) is holding a slightly tarnished but otherwise mint DriYwet for me right now. I will be giving it some serious TLC, and it will sit next to my unthrown, untarnished, SlckYwet. That OxyTi is stunning too. Your pics always amaze!

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No pics for now but YYJ Hitman Hybrid I guess.

Thank you!! Irdaprez is the man. I just finished a deal with him for a mint Hatrick. I had that on my wants list for some time. If he put that Hatrick in the title of his BST…I think I would have missed the chance to buy it. I finally erased that from my list. It was a 1 of 89 though…so definitely not rare. It’s becoming harder and harder to find a mint one that someone is willing to sell though. Certainly update us when that Dri-Ywet comes in.

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I have a non-mint (one significant scratch) Galactic Goose by CLYX x SPYY.

I’m not saying it’s rare. I’m just saying it’s the rarest yoyo I have. :wink:

Oh, just remembered a slightly rarer one, if colourway counts for rareness: a Snow Drift Smooth Move.

But it is rare.

There are 50 of them I do believe.

There were 150 Galactic Geese ( :smiley: ) in total; 75 in each colourway. Mine is the Arctic Bronze.

This here 54 is a one of one:

This here Avalanche is a one of one:

I have a few others that are unengraved One Drops that I think are one of one. But other than being unengraved that are not rare as they are production colorways. These two however are one off “special” edition ano jobs…

Wooly marmot

Pics coming soon but I have:

  • Mint OG peak

  • SLCK Ywet (1 of 25)

  • Spartanik RoA

  • B!st tondo

  • Canflon Lio

  • Dert


Another pic to come soon, I don’t have everything that I’d like to photograph with me right now.

  • MFD ano’ed Lio
  • Red and yellow speckle over black Chia Sleipnir
  • Jason Wong ano’ed Dreadnought
  • Retro Rewind D Skywalker
  • Unengraved fully blue essence (not sure how rare but I was told it was, 1 of the 3 maybe, Totalartist?)
  • Hulk Smash and Berry berry Peaks
  • Unengraved green Majesty

And I have some others that I will include in the photos in the next few days.

All no damage!

…and the Dri-YWET that Joe mentioned.

Thanks for the kind words guys, the feelings are indeed mutual :slight_smile: You enjoying that hattrick Totalartist?

Matt I want your 54 and your Avalanche. Now.

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I have that same flea. It’s a 2010.

These are my rarest throws if we are not considering 1 of1 Ano/Powder jobs by Jason, Aman, and Bob. None of these are custom jobs so to say.

1 of 1 Gold Blasted Gambit
1 of 5 Unengraved Red/Black Model 10
1 of 1 Test Laser Purple Heart Ministar
1 of 3 Blue/raw Original Run Torrent
1 of 7 Unengraved 7075 purple/clear Majesty(came with wooden box)
1 of 4 Snozberry Triton
1 of 2 BA Blue KLR

Of these, the Torrent is something you just do not see hitting the market. I’ve been toying with the idea of selling it lately, but given the fact that I will probably never find another one, I don’t know if I can.
The Purple Heart test laser is also something you flat out won’t see. Got it straight from the artist. It will never ever ever leave.

@Navythrow that Snozberry is beautiful. Probably one of my favorite colorways.

I don’t know them all off the top of my head, but I have some 1 of 1 General Yo stuff. I also have some rareish CLYW stuff as well.

Yeah its my favorite colorway from G2, When Jake sold it to me he told me its technically a Glitch because of a few issues with the Ano, mainly in the catch. He knew how much I love the colorway though. He sent me some pics before i decided to grab it just to make sure. I’m glad I got it. It looks so good in person. Doesn’t bother me at all and it still plays great.