Collectible/rare/discontinued yoyos?

Alright, what have you guys got that’s rare or discontinued?
Maybe even just worth a ton of money :stuck_out_tongue:
I have an Aquarius that’s mint/near mint.

Team Edition Superstar

mint first run peak. Worth about 100 million dollars


I’ve got a Hot Fire Lava Summit

I don’t know if I would call it rare but they don’t make Summits in that color anymore

OG Hitman. This mostly just fits “discontinued.”

Rare? BBYY Copycat, c3 Sceptre? Uh dunnuh.

Discontinued? All my SPYYs. Some for a long time, others not so much. Sceptre too.

I have a special edition DMI, I don’t know exactly how rare it is but I’ve only seen one other besides my own.

Then I have a 1 of 10 Madhouse Delrin Compulsion

I also have a 1 of 10 Lunar Wind prototype from a new start-up company if that counts :smiley:

Tom Kuhn Spitfire’s, Davidson Lathe edition Rose Engine carved and jeweled. Extremely rare, never released into production, and all work done my Tom Kuhn himself

#002 G5.

Just traded my Spyy amplifier so don’t really have any discontinued ones anymore.

1984 Orange Duncan Butterfly MIB. Like “IN” box. Never opened.

Petri kavaka chief, yyr triplet.

Beta Pistolero, PURE Gold with all the original goodies, Radian Super Light (kinda).

my discountiued/ rare yoyos i have
torrent 2
SPYY amplifier
SPYY orbitron 5000
C3 yoyo desgin Dibase
Legacy 2

1/10 Blue/Blue bada$$ hatrick

A lot more but this one is easy to pull up since I just took pics of it the other day. Probably not as limited as some of my other stuff but I’ve seen 0 other ones for sale in the past 4 years and it is over 12 years old so I doubt there are too many left in this condition.

1/10 confetti summit :smiley: I just love it so much. I need to post it in the splash games eventually

28 stories Fool’s Gold Chief (Kind of rare, since it’s one of the few CLYW’s that are FG for ano only. Definitely collectable)

Green/Grey Badass Majesty

Red 1st run Model 10

B Grade KLR

Flaws don’t make something valuable…

Aman M10 Bgrade.
Prototype Prestige
Prepro Essence
Black Yeti I guess