What is the Rarest Throw you have in you collection?

Basically what it says above,What is The rarest Throw you have at the moment, if you have pics to post please do,you can also post what is the rarest youve ever owned as well.And you can post Multiple ones as well,Because i Have 3,Rare because of colorway not because of Model.

Mine Are these 2 beautiful Aftershocks

And then i have this 1 ofa Kind colorway of a YYC Spectrum SE

A B grade torrent 2…

i had a pulsar genesis…

My rarest would be my final run 1/14 clairview station blizzard canvas, Matte black small bearing fools gold Basselope, Shark vs zombie beaver Bvm, my recently acquired first release raw 08 888, all gold D bearing skywalker, or my 1/34 first release battosai.

Probably my Lilith project. :slight_smile:

I just got a mint Anti-Yo Eetsit

Nice! You don’t see those too often.

Those either. I wonder how many mint ones are left. Nice pickup!

Probably my spyy addiction. It’s on the right of the picture.

SPYYxCLYW Galactic Goose, SPYY Radian Super Light

Is Pulsar Genesis on the rare side?

does anyone know how many of these yyn speeder caps were made?

As I’ve seen being around for a few years, rare is a combination of limited and collectibility. While some of my older general yo are probably rarer, but in terms of scarcity AND collectibility…

I have a bunch of mods which are 1 of 1.
Other then that I guess my proto Mg, or bio malleus.

Higby’s and a diamondback


1 of 2 Monkeyfinger Prototype

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1/2 ??? Golden Pulsar Shutter

Death by yoyo gung fu. I think its first run

This thing.



black on black splash OG superstar

Kyle that Avalanche looks amazing. I know where the other one is, and neither are for sale lol.

Original Spyy TMBR Eh… I think 1 of 40

Also have a hulk smash AC1, and a 7075 Gambit along with a standard Gambit. All three you really don’t see often and I’m pretty sure the 2 sicks are rare as afar as how many were made.