What is the Rarest Throw you have in you collection?

I’ve still got my 1 of 12 glitter hybrid response patriot

I’d love to see a photo of that Shutter.

I’m sure I have some rare stuff, but because I don’t buy based on rarity, it’s hard to remember what’s really rare and what’s not. Especially, when there is model rarity, and colorway rarity, I’d have to know what interests people. Off the top of my head, 2014 Genesis, U.S.A., and Pulsar, Dri-Ywet, Solid Blue Bada$$ Majesty, solid grey Majesty, Hyperion, Sovereign, 9.06 tattooed, Jason Lee Shutter, Wooly Markmont, may all qualify.

If anyone considers themselves knowledgeable on rarity, I can send you a list of my stuff, and maybe you can help me figure out all the rare ones. Send me a PM, cause it would be nice to know for sure.

My rarest would probably be a prototype raw Proyo Mongoose, but I don’t collect for rarity anymore I collect for playability and looks.

DTI Beast

I had the opportunity to pick it up a while back. I didn’t though because I already had one >______>


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1st Run Serial #2 OneDrop Sovereign

Hngggg… Really jealous… I’ve been wanting a Sovereign for some time now, especially since I wasn’t around for the release of it, and #2 was my number all through youth sports.

My rarest is probably my #5 of 7 gold Space Cowboy. I know there’s another run of gold ones, but those have different engravings and are a larger run. The tube mine came in is also signed by Tyler, so that’s neat.

I’m also thinking the Aviator that came in the holiday collector’s mystery box may be a rare colorway, as I haven’t seen it anywhere online; also, everybody’s collectors box that I’ve seen had a different colored aviator that I haven’t seen elsewhere… So I’m curious if the collector’s box Aviators were 1 of 1 colorways or something…? If anybody knows, correct me if I’m wrong.

Same goes for the Cypher colorway from that pack as well, I’m almost positive it hasn’t been released anywhere else in the colorway that was in the collector’s pack, but it seems every collectors pack had the same colorway, so I know there are at least as many of that color as there were collector’s mystery packs.

And lastly, probably the Capricorn that I got from my Secret Santa this year…I don’t know anything about the Capricorn colorways or number of runs, but it’s a blue/light blue acid wash (somebody called it seafoam I think?) If anybody knows about it, I’d like to know the rarity for shiggles. Is it?

That has to be the most Beautiful BBB I’ve ever seen! Wow!!! I’m so jelly right now. Straight up peanut butter bro! Peanut Butter and JELLY!!!

I think I have to update/revise my response–

When I think of “rarity” I mainly think of yoyos that would have theoretically been available to anyone, but that I happened to get.

So, my hand-painted by John Higby No-Jive doesn’t necessarily qualify.

But maybe my hand-painted by John Higby Speedaholic does! That’s a 1 of 1. The Higby connection got me to thinking: Oh yeah, I also have that Hildy/Higby Currier which is hand-painted but considered to be 1/20 from the set. When made me think, “Fixed Axle… oh yeah!” and I remembered that I have a 2013 EH, which I believe was a fairly limited run. Definitely no more than 200, but I think even fewer than that.

Galactic Goose was a run of 300 total, 150 of each of 2 colourways. Maybe that one still counts as rare. Radian Super Light I actually don’t know how many were made. I called it “rare” because I don’t see it pop up on BST much and when it does, it’s expensive. So I made an assumption.

Well if I ever decide to sell it I will definitely send you a PM about it!

the seafoam Capricorns,are a 1/10 i think.it may be alil rarer than that.

pretty much out of every thing here,except the Bada$$ solid Blue Majesty TA mentioned,i would want that more than everything else,if you ever wanna trade it Abby,im your guy


Aman M10 (b-grade),
1 of 6 65.5 gm Prestige proto
1 of 1 custom ano’d Entheos
Half black/green KLR (no silver stripes)
Majesty 2nd run pre pro 1 of 10
Higby Beethoven Profly
1 of 1 half James Reed/Ty Goldman Amplitude engraving tester

Perhaps some other stuff; I love my General-Yo :slight_smile:

Me too! My rare triplets:


Well, I used to have some rare ILYY throws, but sadly those had to leave my possession. However, I don’t live in the past. So my rarest throw that I currently own is a 1 of 10 Dinkface Hildy Bros x Jensen Kimmitt Currier (the one on the far left)

#thank you YoYoNews and Steve Brown for the photo


i dont really count them as rare but 7075 luis genesis, orange citrus luis genesis and schneider mk-ii all only had 1 run that i think was fairly limited

I’ve had a (be prepared for some nostalgic yoyo’s) mint Bapezilla, Eetsit, BSP & Fluchs & Dri Wet at one point but traded/sold them in pursue of a complete 28 collection. Same counts for Gungfu, prepro 07 888, OG DV8, EKG Slavy1, L2, Any Miroc, Iron Man Peak, red engreaved Wooly, Sumo Light, Sovereign, SPYY Pure

Some rare pieces of my collection are now

General Yo Essence pink ribbon 1/1
28s peak, bvm (3 runs) and Canvas.
YYR Draupnir matte black (no idea if it’s rare tho).


I have a silver plated Summit on the way, that’ll be my most rare. Other than that, for now it’s my nickel plated Code 1

1st run Chief or my pre-pro Yeti.

CLYW Prototype Wooly Marmot originally from Chris’ personal collection. Rims hand polished by Jensen Kimmitt, box signed by Steve Brown and swimming in an ocean of Onedrop foam cubes.

Nuff said.