Least played throw

Whats the throw you own that gets the least amount of attention. Say why if you know or want to. About how many times total do you think its been used?

Protostar (Victor G edition)

Probably have thrown this 100 times total. Don’t love the color or the feel, still a good throw, but just seems to be the last one I ever go for.

YYF Supernova. It’s a beautiful yoyo and it obviously is beyond capable of anything I am capable of doing, but for some reason it’s just always felt lifeless. Had it for years and it’s still in mint just out of box condition.

All my yoyos! I went overseas to study and I left them back at home…
But I’d probably say my fiesta XX because I just suck at 4A or my SPYY Orbitron and Amplifier because they are so darn heavy and don’t feel fun

I trade away the yoyos I don’t play much so none lol but I guess my Duncan metal drifter that my gf bought me so I’m not getting rid of that.

Counter attack or fast 201

YYF Grindmachine it’s not that good so probably about 60 times.

YYF Starbrite. I love it but it’s sooo noisy which wouldn’t bother me as much if it wasn’t for the death grip spacers. No fooling around with this one, I have to take it as it is or not at all.

Probably my OneStar. I’m continuing to get new metals and have no time for it haha.

I’ll have to poke around back home and see if there are any yoyos around that I forgot I have. As far as what I have at the dorm, probably my Loop900s, credited entirely to the fact that I suck at 2a.

YYF Velocity

because thats the beginner yoyo I started out with and now I’ve got high end mettles to use instead.

What is a high end “Mettle”? :smiley: lol

I’ve noticed you spell mettles that way a lot haha. M-e-t-a-l-s is the correct spelling.

Yyf velocity… Shoulda bought a speedaholic

I’m pretty sure I end up using my throw monkey and speed beetle more than my 888. And I don’t do 2a or 5a…

My token, I find it fun but I just don’t ever pick it up

Probably my something addiction. I don’t like it at all!!

I don’t ever play with a lot of yoyos

Yea I do spell it like that a lot LOL

from now on I will try to metals

Either my Duncan Hayabusa, or my Loop 900’s. In both cases, I’d really like to play them more - I’m not confident enough with 4a to transition away from my flying panda to the hayabusa for fear of breaking it, and I’m bad at 2a so I don’t use the Loops much.

Two people have mentioned the flying panda and throw monkey in good terms. That makes me happy because I really want both bad.