Which yoyo have you put the most hours into?

Mine would probably be my 3rd run Avalanche. Granted I’ve had it longer than most of my other yoyos (except my Genesis and possibly a few others), but it gets thrown a lot. Plus it’s the yoyo I carry around in my backpack so that may be part of it.

All in all? Fool’s Gold Avalanche fo’ sho’

J&H:SPINS Lunar Wind!

SPYY Pro, handily.

One Drop Y Factor

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My every day carry beater KLR is catching up, but I still think its my Red Wrath. I used it almost exclusively for months, it was my first real “high end” and still one of my top top favorites. My collection has grown exponentially since those earlier days, but I still find myself reaching for my Wrath more than almost anything else.

My raptor, it was my main throw for a few months.

My dark magic 2…
It’s been through offstring,
2a (with a knot,
and ofcourse, 1a.
Sadly, one of the saddest things in my yoyoing “Career”, it broke when I dropped it during 5a. My first yoyo was an amazing one.

Gotta say my red protostar.

I’m not sure. I think probably my blue DM2 though.

Due to some strange issues in my life, I’m not really allowed blue as a color this year, but I am allowed red and yellow. I still buy blue stuff, just not as many or as much. I did get a red DM2 early this year. That’s seen a lot of time.

I have no idea what color DM2 I will need to get next year, or IF I will need to get a specific color

Easy solution: Ghost edition. None colour!

That solution is already in the mail to me.

But no, that won’t work. I have a clear DM2 already. I have to commit to an actual color. Clear equates to “white”. Oddly enough, I do intend to get a white DM2, but I’m in no hurry to snatch one up.

Probably either my Magnum or nickle-plated CODE1. Albatross is catching up though.

Definitely my DM2 since I’ve had it the longest

Hmmm…I have no idea. I have put in a ton of play on my Yuuksta and a couple of my 888s over the years, so probably one of them. But there are a lot of throws that are trying to catch up lately.

Probably this Majesty that the General gave to me :slight_smile:

my Shutter

My first Bear vs Man. Literally my main throw for an entire year. I learned a lot with it.

My burnside

My Fragment ranks as “top drawer” material. It’s fast nimble with the most awesome maneuverability qualities. Possibly the most under rated YYR throw. I love it and play it most often. Seldom talked about but, still an awesome throw! Full sized throw are cool but, small bearing throw to be “out” ATM.