How many yoyos do you own ? Which one do you throw the most and why ?

I have to say I love my purple shutter. Super stable, smooth finish and great bearing. I like the hum it makes too. I’m new at yoyoing and I’m sure I will find many new favorites over the years.

Either throw my og Avalanche or curvy donut man the most. Relatively stable, fast yet has a little weight; and beautiful to look at.

I have 27. I throw a CLYW Chief the most. Because it’s a little beat up and since I work in a factory I can take it in there with no worries. But I throw my others a lot at home or at yoyo club.

12, and I usually throw whatever my newest throw is.

57 my fav is wolf or manatee

Around 120ish and rn my chief and advance scout and my daily is the 9dragons and beat ti dream

Dang !!! Take a pic of them and post. I’d love to see the whole collection !

Take a pic of them and post !!

Alright I have to find some of them because I trade some the other day so now it’s like 45

I try to keep my numbers under 15 or so. Once I cap out, ill sell a few to keep my bags full but not over flowing.

I tend to favor 3. Tundra, Peak2, and Valkyrie. These three offer the best spread of shapes and feels. I love them all.

My play bag has:

AMS Tundra, FG Tundra, Valkyrie, 3rd run Peak, Peak 2, Sasquatch, Avalanche, Puffin 1, Puffin 2, BVM 2, 2 x Manatees, Gnarwhal 2, 2016 superstar for 5a and Flight.

My “other” bag has some sentimental stuff.
Raw 2nd run Peak from Jensen, some wood fixies, some yoyos that were gifts, my first modern unresponsive (shutter), my old turbo bumblebee from high school, world record attempt proyo, that kind of stuff. I dont play with them, but i do want to keep them.

I have a few over 100…my daily play right now is a 2 sick Rook that’s been sparked for some insane reason? I also play my skyva too…especially when out and around town!

maybe 200? i have these in the case and then a couple drawers full of miscellaneous others.
mainly play a few different eH’s and either the CoreCo stndrd or Tako right now.

I have about 80 good throws and I’d say I play some form of Dert most often.

30 or so. But the Higbys are not counted just the 20 or so in my zero. I throw a rotation throughout the case so everybody gets some pocket time. But my favorite just might be my Magnum or anything made by Skon.

I have two yoyos. My skyva and my horizon

I have about 20 but I play my core co standard and tako the most

Holy moly ! That is seriously impressive !!!

even more impressive is the collection of seriously awesome tricks ed has.
fixed axle super-star.

Oh yeah ! I follow ed on Instagram already. He’s a shredder for sure.

Here’s my updated pic