How many do you have?


At way over 40,went thru plastic phase,then magicyoyo’s,now just spending on quality throws.
I’m pushing 50yrs old.Re-throwing under a year.And still not very good.Yo’d in 5th grade,won a couple contests,but was very young.
Dig the new throws,they spin forever!


15 or so “quality” then a bunch of little dollar throws


WAY more than I need, or can use for that matter :slight_smile:

edit: just found this photo, here is part of my collection. Have a few boxes of yoyos around the house also.


I got 20 and two on the way.

(InvaderDust) #5

Im somewhere around 15. Mostly CLYW, a shutter (to be mirror polished soon!), 2016 superstar, and some plastics/woods that dont see the daylight.


4 and a half. I have a Skyva, 2 Fireballs (one old one new), a Brain, and half a Crossfire (the bearing seat and plastic surrounding the bad half broke away). I play my Skyva everyday, but sometimes use the Fireball for “dead” tricks.


I have better than 30 Duncan Butterfly’s. Nuff said?


Do you have a Glow in the Dark Butterfly? Only one I’m still searching for ;D


I have at last count over115 here’s some of my collection added another case since this


Awesome! :slight_smile:

(⛷ Noisy Lurker) #11

Doesn’t really matter how many I have. The amazing thing is that I always need just one more. :wink:


7 yoyos. Schneider MK2, Benchmark V 2016, Vanguard, iZM Eclipse, Replay Pro, CZM8


Too many :slight_smile:

I suffered from the same thing when I was younger and had to buy just about every color Duncan Imperial and anything else that looked of quality to try…to the point my friend and I would walk about 3 miles or so to the nearby small toy shop just to see what “exotic” yoyos they had (yoyos I couldn’t find in big box stores), which at the time it was Yomega, Pro-Yo, and Spintastics. Half the fun of getting these yoyos was the adventure walking there in itself, and after my friend and I would yoyo on the way back. We eventually got smart enough to ride our bikes to the toy shop as it made for a quicker journey in the summer heat.


I was bidding on one some time ago but lost out. I am also looking for the earliest of the Butterfly’s before they were called Butterfly (if I can find one I can afford).

Hey yoyodoc I like the word “accumulator”.


Sounds about like my current description, though probably somewhere closer to the 100 mark. I had bought one of those tri-level plastic drawers where I fit most of my yoyos into, not including my YYJ 24-count bag and YYE bag…plus I have a plastic toolbox with yoyos.

I’ve always been interested in trying out different shapes, sizes, materials, and weights - thus accumulating a bunch of different yoyo types as of late.


I used to have a bunch now i only have a few. Couple bimetals, couple swirls, a couple ti’s, and a plastic.


I have 30ish. Most are random, cheap throws. I think I have 8 or so really nice throws. Those 8 I play with at home. The other bunches I bring to the park or soccer practice or whatever stuff I have to stand around for while my kids run after work.

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I used to have more than I need, then I sold most of them and left with about 25 now.


It is many months since I buy anything, and for some years that very little purchase (max 2 yoyo / year) …

I should count them … I think 98 or 99 …

(rizkiyoist) #20

If you’re getting max 2 yoyos per year, and you have 98, then you have been buying yoyos for 49 years.
Let’s say the youngest possible for most people to start is probably 3 years old, that means you must be at least 52 years old now give or take.