How many yoyos do you have?

Let’s see how many yoyos you have? I am in the 11-15 section.

27 yoyos, but three are currently out of commision

bwahaha, 8, 4 high ends…well, 3 if you don’t count a DMII as a high end, but I do.

I guess you could. I know YYE does.

Way past your 21+ mark.

My inventory file appears to be accurate. I just had an unexpected item become available that I snatched up.

I am already starting to doubt that there will be anybody with only 0-5 yoyos. Maybe I shouldn’t have made that choice.

Well, I actually had 5 yoyos for a long time. Only a few months ago did I get an AC, Dietz, and Fiesta XX, bumping me up to eight.

  1. A lyn fury from 2003 and a DMII.


I’ve got 21 throws…and by the end of the year I should have 25…and then I will be done for a long time…

Yeah, right.:smile:

As for me, I believe I have around 20, but most of them are cheap plastics.

Until he next run of awesome releases :slight_smile: hehehe

On a side note I have 14 or 16 if you include my kids classics since I am the keeper of those and hey just borrow them sometimes lol.

Only 6 at the moment.

Too lazy to check for the exact number, but I’m sure I have more than 21. Only bought like…5-7 of them. Yay for winning Facebook contests.

2 :-/
If a broken throw counts, then 3.

Might that be the YYJ Synthesis? 8)

Around 20. I had more but I sold quite a few throws. Parents are getting on my case and I need to shrink to 10 and under.

45-50. Mostly high end.

30 metals and another 20 plastics

8 modern yoyos, but it’s growing.