What rare/limited edition yoyos do you have?

ok i kinda want this to be like what are you throwin today but name your rare yoyos and ones you get later in time and list how many where made, so ill start:
brown dingo 1 of 20
undiniable genesis 1 of 100

My rarest is my Yoyojoes Edition Severe (1 of 12). I also have:

Raw Proto Bully (1 of 30ish)
Raw Proto Wedgie (1 of 20ish)
Jonrob Edition Genesis (1 of 100)

come on people we aint the only two

a Higby fhz n 986

Yoyofactory grindmachine 2 44Clash Gold edition 1 of 50 or 100 IDK

Sebastian Brock Edition Peak 1 of ???
Ghost Pyro 1 of 150
Jensen Kimmitt Superstar 1 of 100

i have

gold pre pro dv88 (large logos) 1 of like 25
brown dingo 1 of 20
yyn blue sparkle fhz (maybe) 1 of ???
orbis (maybe) 1 of ???
blue with purple maple drip (maybe ot is a fools gold) 1 of ???

Blue Silver Badass Hatrick 1 of 11

One Drop Nickel Plated Project 2

I also have a Rec Rev i Blue Acid Wash, I think they are pretty rare. I only know me Ernie from general yo and one of the team members have them for sure.

Dave’s Skill toys 2005 worlds special anodized/powder coated Dif-e-Yo bone chip 1 of 12
Dif-e-Yo IT Limited run 1 of ???

Canflon coated Liopleurodon

1st run 28 Stories Peak

not sure of the numbers on those ones…

BAC 2010 Dv888 Black with Redsplash…1 of ???

…If that is considered a rare colorway…

og raw peak (same run as og painted peaks)
ilyy prepro fury

CLYW Hulk Smash Edition Wooly Marmot!!

Dark brown IO for yoyoplanet,
1/8 and the only io in us

The YoyoExpert edition Woolly Marmot

1 of 40 red with gold splash wooly marmot

Hatricks are rare now, i think?

To buy yes, but there are still the same amount. I would call it a classic not necessarily rare… yet.