What's your rarest yoyo?


I’ll start, I have a Paul Kerbel Black w/ silver splash MVP coming in the mail. 1 of less than 10.


guy wright/jensen kimmett signed fixed axle.


1 0f 1 fpyy thunderwasp :slight_smile:


My five rarest:

  1. Pre 3yo3 delrin Noctu (1 of 2)
  2. All-blue A-grade General yo Entheos (1 of 10 according to Ernie)
  3. Relic OD Code 1 (1 of 20)
  4. CLYW Donut Hurlder Canvas (1 of 21)
  5. CLYW Clareview Station Wooly Marmot (1 of 35)


1 of 1 jason wong annoed genesis (shark attack anno job)…the wierd thing about it is that it dosent take the slim cbc pads either (I silicone my yoyos but you can tell it is bigger), it is more like the broad pads and you can screw the axle all the way through the yoyo halves…smoothest genesis I have ever thrown.


Mighty Flea. I fail.


pre-production Corli by h-spin. (1 of not so many)


worlds 2011 poo with clear display case stand and yoyo holder that it came with 1of 5-10 i dont remember
flamethrower code1


Also have a Swine flu Skyline coming in the mail.


It would be either my Charles Haycock Bushman Edition Avalanche, or my Mint Chocolate Chip Gnarwhal. Both have a production run of about 30.



1 of 2(As far as I know) CLYW canvas. its the first pad printed 2 tone. and an obsidian 54


as for color ways I have a lot of rares but for actual yoyos I guess:
Galactic Goose and Wooly Markmont

rarest color way is 1/5 mother earth 66g wooly
maybe Winter Green Peak?


Here ya go, BC Classic serial # 001!!! :wink:


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SADR… oh wait that was my dream last night. I guess my Undeniable Genesis is pretty rare. I don’t really know how many they made, but now its all beat up. My second rarest is prob my Sasquatch or Might Flea. I fail too… I wish I could pick up some more VsNYYC.


Mah Hulk smash peak…


hmm, i have a royal Dark Magic … signed by Andre…

sterling quinn genesis? no maybe not … …hmm yoyoexpert edition superstar which came out last year?

or maybe



I would like to say that my opinion of rare is not a special colorway. More of a limited run in any colorway. For instance. I have a KC Dert. There are only 12 made. They were made as gifts from Russ Andert to certain people. I happened to be one of those lucky people. I also had a 1 of 13 Muffin Top. There are no more. No certain colors or anything. Just raw yoyo’s.


1 of “I don’t know” Gleipnir.

1/20 Paul’s special colorway DANG.

Maple Drip Peak



ILYY falcon 1/10 Christmas edition


my five would probably be

  1. letap by potential yoyo co.
  2. prepro entheos
  3. canvas (grey. tried for a gold owl but they were sold out too fast)
  4. werrd rhinoplasty? I haven’t seen these in stores anywhere.
  5. joexann genesis signed by Ann.