What’s your rarest yoyo?

My Rarest yoyo is definitely one of these 3 I’m sure which ones the rarest though.


All of my throws are super rare.
I have a Duncan Butterfly and there have been like MILLIONS of them made. But out of all of them ever made, I only have like… 6 of them. And of those 6 there is just ONE blue one which belongs to me. It’s one of a kind.

When Banzan was walking through a market he overheard a conversation between a butcher and his customer.
“Give me the best piece of meat you have,” said the customer.
“Everything in my shop is the best,” replied the butcher. “You cannot find here any piece of meat that is not the best.”
At these words Banzan became enlightened.


There is nothing wrong with making a post asking people to share photos of the rare yoyos they own. And no-one would argue that some yoyos are rarer than others.

I think Ed’s post is tongue in cheek, and not being critical.


I guess this is kinda rare


I think my two Spinworthy yoyos are kind of rare, one because it is one of the first shipped to the US, the other because of the wood. The Freehand Zero and the Duncan Tournament that John Higby hand painted are also rare, especially if you look at it as Ed suggested.


TiSS Hummingbird. 1 of 20. (#11)

Zip Zop Chief (tons of Chiefs, but something like only 4 or 5 exist in this color) First one on the shot

AMS Tundra. #25 of 25


My two rarest would have to be:

  • VTWO Snowpocalype (only 5 were made)
  • VTWO Dark Matter (only 5 were made)

Certainly not critical, and not entirely tongue in cheek either.

I have many “rare” yo-yo’s, but I also think it’s interesting to think about what MAKES a yo-yo rare. Really just making the point that our own individual experience of using a yo-yo can be thought of as a factor which makes it unique and special.

Not trying to suggest the topic is inane.


I think a very practical definition of “rare” would be “How hard would it be to find on a BST?”

Now, I’m sure lots of folks here have yoyos that are essentially one-offs because of custom artwork or due to being the only prototype of a yoyo that never went into production or something. But I’m assuming–and maybe I’m assuming incorrectly–that the OP kinda meant “rare, but not a one-of-a-kind artifact”. IOW, yoyos that were made and sold to the public such that more than one person could own one.


Got a photo of this guy? I think I’ve seen your Dark Matter V2.

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I think it’s an important point to make in an environment where people are constantly taking pics of their new yo-yos and huge collections.

I know from experience it’s easy to get caught up in that stuff as a newer member of any of the online communities, who are also often beginners now and at the point where it’s most important to maintain the “yo-yoing over yo-yos” mentality.

Those of us with more obsessive personalities know what it’s like to get caught up in that mindset even when you know it’s not beneficial. I’m just happy I’m too risk averse for gambling.


Google yields (among other photos):



This is an interesting question to me, because I am in the unusual position of owning a mint of rare yoyos. I have made and sent many rare yoyos to people.

  • The cypress pine Harbinger I made for @Rosenberg
    *The photinia wood Boon I made for @French
    *The POM Freehand interpretation I made for @Grendel
  • the hickory Ballsy, burly and responsive POM yoyo I made for @Myk_Myk
    *The Stout I made for @Applepooh (one of my models, but remains the only one I’ve ever made)
    *The ultra wide Polyester yoyo that @NeoHamster has
    *The small blackbutt unresponsive I made for Jensen K
    *The polyester unresponsive I made for @threebearrries.

There are so many more.

I was tho owner of these rare yoyos very briefly at different points in time and while all of these are extremely rare, that is not necessarily equivalent of valuable or desirable.

My current rarest I own is probably my Yoyo Scientific Triplepoint.


Do you have a pic of this? :grin:


I have a yomega strobe yo I think that is pretty rare but I am not sure


I deleted the photo a while ago.

I believe it could still be found on A-RT’s Instagram photos, though. It was nothing all that special.


Found it.


That one is really nice.


Id think its my saito edition cracked diaspora


My metal-plastic hybrid Butterfly XT.