What's the rarest yoyo?

I know many yoyos have limited runs, but what yoyo is truly the rarest?

there are a lot of special edition 1 of 1 colorways.

I think of the actual yoyo number, not colorways. I could throw my yoyo in a jar of paint and call it 1 of 1 after I pull it out. Immediately I think of the og torrent,and the septopus( er somethin like that).

A mint OG Levi Painted Peak.

Well I have a Madhouse Delrin Compulsion which is 1 of 10. I also have a J&H:SPINS Lunar Wind which was 1 of 10, more of those will be made though, but a different version, so I guess it’s not really the same throw exactly. I’m sure there’s plenty of 1 of 1 throws, whether people know about them or not… maybe someone decided to make 1 yoyo for themselves…

yyf fhz


There are only two mint levi painted peaks in the world, and only one special pekka pink painted peak

Who says there are only two mint ones?

Its a tough question. It takes into account, physical amounts of the yoyos made, colorways, materials, collectibilty, etc.

You have the one off things that BiST makes, that are one of one, you have custom ano jobs from the likes of Vendetta or Jason, Team editions that only went to sponsored players, etc.

All in all, if I were to pick the “rarest yoyo” as in an actual production run and its going to be really really hard to get, I would go with either the OG painted peaks or the OG General Yo Torrent.

50 OG Painted peaks, of which I think only 47 were available off YYN. I think one was sold last year.
60 Torrents ever made. The one I just sold is the first one I’ve seen on the open market in a year.
Getting one of either of these is going to run you ALOT of scratch.

Both of these yoyos are very desirable and the people that have them tend to hold on to them. Some aren’t even played, just collected, which makes it even harder to acquire one.

yyf fhz? What’s that?

YYJ Classics. And YYF Ones. Kind of a tie. Both of them are SUPER hard to get your hands on!

I really hope you’re kidding…

I’ve got to think something like this would be pretty difficult to get your fingers on…

LOL, dude, of course I am kidding.

you beat me to it

I can powder any Peak to look like an OG.

Why did I mention this?

I have no idea :stuck_out_tongue:

Still not paint :wink:


CLYW Snipe :wink: lol

Powder is similar to paint.

Better! Mucho fuerte!