Where are the rare yo-yos?

Every once in a while, there a VERY limited edition yo-yos that a company puts up for sale. Many times these sell out quickly and are never seen again, and none know of their whereabouts. I thought it would be cool to make a thread where people can ask "Where are the "insert yo-yo here"s? And people can answer "I have a “insert yo-yo here”. It has to be a specific edition of the yo-yo that is very rare and you don’t usually see on the BSTs or anywhere else.

I’ll start:

Where are the Yoyojoes Edition YYF Severes?

(These are a limited edition blue on orange splash severes that were only sold at yoyojoes. They were limited to only 12 pieces available to the public.)

were are the oxy ti’s

Where are the 44Clash Severes?

Well one of them is in the hands of Mark26 on these forums…

Where are the all black 5*'s?

where are the chris fraser 888s?

well, it seems like everyone is asking were are the yoyo’s and no one seems to actually have the yoyos… but, it’s a new thread so i guess theres still hope… kinda…

I used to own one but it’s now with Mike Persson.

I want to know, who’s got the other Frozen Mammoth Peaks?

Who’s got the other DXL 5 Star

Who’s got the other Prepro ILYY 08 Wassabi

Who’s got the other YYE Ed. Wooly Marmot

I could go on forever. :stuck_out_tongue:

~James Reed!

i know i have one but where are all of the pre pro dv888 with large logos

where are the black cap bionic fh1s?

Where are the 2005 special worlds release bone chips by dave’s skill toys?(12)

I have 1
Dave has 1 himself too

i know they sold them there, but there gone.

where are the bionic freehands

Where are all of the '07 888’s?

Where are all of the Canflon Lios?

28 Stories Peaks too while I’m at it

1 of each here.

I have one ;D I love it. It did vibe out of the box though.

Who has a DM :stuck_out_tongue: