Your Signature Yo-yo

So just curious.

Out of all the yo-yos that exist so far, which do you think fits your preferences the most, that you think would most likely be your signature throw?

Mine would have to be the Galactic Goose.

Got three, looking for more. The supernova. Please pm me if you have one! ALso if they were easier to fing, the y-factor but it is so hard to get your hands on one so I only have one

I have a large collection including the following throws: Peak, Skywalker, Septopus, E-MC2, Dreadnought, Maxbet, Chief, Canvas, ect… My signature throw is:

2010 YYF Severe :slight_smile: I love it! Made from 7075 aluminum, just like YYR. Amazing player. I really can’t believe these aren’t harder to find. It’s light, fast, extremely stable and long spinning. The wavelength edition even grinds great. I like it so well, it is the only yoyo I have doubles of in my collection. ;D

Gnarwhal and if I had one the albino leviathan, they play so good.

Gosh, I love so many throws, here are my top 3.
2)Sunset Trajectory NXG
3)Super G

09 Severe, Chief, or Avalanche, I think.

And it’d have to be in a kick-a colorway

2010 FH2.

It’s not surprising how most people chose yo-yos that are already signature yo-yo’s to other players…

Makes sense I guess

Of what I already have, the MVP in purple with silver splash. But of what I want, either the Wooly MarkMont or the CODE2. I already know I’m getting the CODE2 for my birthday ;D

Just make sure you get one before they sell out :wink:

i know the code 2 looks awesome i am a fan of the code 1

and it will be my first one drop :smiley:

One Drop rocks

The Halo was a surprise to me when I got it. It’s so sat le and smooth, it’s right at the top with my Sliepnir.
Same for the Mangaroo.

For me it is the Burnside. I have never thrown a yoyo that felt customized specifically for me until I threw that one. However I did get to Beta test the Code 2 for a few days and that is going to be a tough choice when I buy it. It was such an amazing throw too. But I would say the Burnside hands down right now. I personally just wish I could have that feel in say a 54. Then it would perfect. But the Burnside is as close as it gets for me right now.

When it comes to already existing yoyos for a choice of a personal signature, its really hard to tell. I’ve had my choice of yoyos change constantly through the years before personally settling with Onedrop.

As far as a personal signature goes, I’ve been partial to throws that have the classic “Curve” shape which means OG style of throws that stems all the way back to the freehand one. So with that said, throws like the Madhouse 5150, Antiyo Bape, Yoyojam Hitman…all of these throws I’ve personally been influenced for my tastes.

Maybe something Delrin based if Onedrop will do it…


if they sat together the DV888 and Avant Garde, with the small sice, good sleep and the dv888’s shape, but with the inner cut i would love it!

You know, it’s funny because if I was to sit down and write out my general preferences on paper, I have found that the throw I would consider to be designed “for” me would almost be the antithesis of what I had thought I would choose to be my “signature” throw. On paper, the YYR Overdrive would be my signature throw. Large diameter, wide, and light. Somehow though, in implementation, the YYR Clash 2012 definitely takes the lead. Large diameter still, but it’s relatively thin at 42mm (I say relatively because keep in mind the 59.5mm diameter) and heavy at 70g. I would have never expected it based on the hard specs, but everything about the way it plays is exactly what I look for in a yoyo.

And I begin to salivate.

Well it’s not even existed, yet… but it’s actually would be my signature in the next few months #fingercrossed

and since we’re talking about an existing yoyo I will choose the Raider, hands down…