Well, that was quick! The Sebby Peaks are gone.


didnt even know they were out yet…

2.5 minitutes

insane :’(

That is the “problem” with hyped yoyos such as the Peak. They are top-notch yoyos, like most of the stuff you get for 100 dollars and up. But if you really want one, you will have to run a few extra miles to get it. I hope this post won’t look like the hype post we had, but I just stopped to wonder. Is is the random splash on these yoyos that make them popular? would the Hugo Z Hor sell out fast if it had splash anodizing? Or is it because the design looks cool, but it’s only the colours that stick out, the yoyo isn’t a “misfit”. Because I have taken a look at some other yoyos which special design and good play. Does the fact that it’s rare, make it more wanted? This is not a “stay away from hyped yoyos” post. It’s more like “How come Peaks are hyped?” post. Because the Noctu must play great, and it looks STUNNING. Still they happen to have 25 of them in stock at YYN.

Again, I’m just wondering. And if there are some market experts here who could give me a good, clear answer, I would be more than happy to hear it.

Well these specific Peaks are absolutely gorgeous - I do not think anyone can deny that - and with such limited quantities and people buying from around the entire world it is not surprising to see them disappear so fast.

They are definitely one of a kind as of right now and will continue to sell like that if only 50 - 100 are released at a given time. :slight_smile:

Yea, those ARE pretty-- never seen a sell out so fast!


Well Andre is absolutely correct. It’s some of the best marketing for a yoyo I’ve ever seen. CLYW makes fanstastic product, don’t get me wrong, but it’s the theory of supply and demand that sells their yoyo’s. “Look at this gorgeous yoyo, everyone is gonna want one, but we’re only making X amount.” So everyone rushes to buy one the second they are released. Boom!!! they’re sold out!

Not to mention that Pat said these weren't limited to 1 per order. So people who had extra money probably bought 2 or more, and you'll see those in BST later for a premium price. Just a fine example of a great product, with limited release, who's marketing created a sense of urgency to get them. Sales 101!!

Ah. The economic theory of supply and demand. As well as the time constraint in producing these yoyos. (They must take a really long time to make.) I do have to say, the Peak looks very appealing. :smiley: