Why isn't the Peak 2 sold Out?

Im confused on why its not sold out whenever its such a great throw, and normally clyw yoyo sell out. I have been away from the community for 5 years but I’m back now. And it seems like less people post in the best now…>?

CLYW still makes top quality throws, but their collectibility has decreased significantly. Even BBB is mass produced now whereas older models usually had about a dozen pieces.

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This may sound dumb but I feel like that’s why I lost some of the love for their yoyos. They are still one of my favorite brands but I liked the idea of smallish runs and North American made :slight_smile:


Some things tickle people’s fancy and sell out quickly. Others don’t. Not every item hits a home run. That’s the nature of retail.

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I agree with the above reply ^^^^^

And a few other things.

Most people are on a budget. They would love to buy one of Everything; wouldnt that be sweet🤓

But sadly that is not in the cards for most yoyo players.

So, in the case of the New Peak for example; its not necessarily that people dont: love it, want it, need it, have to have it…

It could simply be that they cannot afford ‘it’. Maybe they already spent their yoyo money for the week or month or whatever? Maybe they are saving for something they may want even more. Maybe the specifics colorway they wanted on the drop; sold out and that is the only color they wanted. Maybe an alien spacecraft hovered over the nearby Jack in the Box and extracted their wallets and they are just flat broke? Maybe they already have a full yoyo bag and their parents told them if they bought one more yoyo; that they would kill them in their sleep?

Or; as a few already mentioned… the change of Manufacture, etc.

CLYW used to be the exclusive low volume, high quality, Made ‘over here’ kinda Maker. They had zero problems dropping yoyos for $150 a pop and they sold out in less then 5 minutes.

In those days; there werent as many excellent quality yoyos to compete for sales. If you wanted one at the drop; you paid or you lost out.

Gradually more higher quality yoyos became available at Lower price points. In order to stay in the game and stay competitive; CLYW had to lower prices. And in order to still make enough money to justify staying in Business; Chris had to outsource the making of the yoyos. Just a reality of life. The yoyos still meet Chris’s quality standards.

… Skipping ahead>> I have a Peak 2. I originally had 2 Original Peaks. I gave both of them away. I never really care for the OG Peak. I am not saying there was anything wrong with the design. I am just saying that ‘I personally’ didnt care for it.

But I had no problem buying a New Peak when they dropped. I got a Salmon Fade for I thing ‘$90’. I like it way better than the Original Peak. Matter of fact; the New Peak is So Different from the Old Peak; I am not even sure why they even bothered calling it the New Peak? But it is not really a high horsepower kinda throw. The Manatee is better… The Dune can run circles around the New Peak. The Blizzard Smokes em all! The Blizzard is not just good… it is abnormally good. <But costs more too, obviously.

Chris never said the New Peak was a World Beater. But it is a very good yoyo. It’s only lower on the food chain when you compare it to a few dozen better playing yoyos.

I Love mine and you wont see me putting it on the BST, ever.

Regardless; there are a lot of yoyos that dont sell out. And as I already mentioned; usually the result of a multitude of reasons.

No matter what people think of CLYWs’ change in ‘Country of Manufacture’; CLYW is simply changing their Business angles to allow a potentially broader base of Potential Customers to high performance yoyos at lower price points.

…Many yoyos may not sell out. And it may have nothing to do with: Price, build quality, Country of Manufacture or Performance, etc.

It may just have to do with Everybody is not made outta money, is all😳

…The end.


Thank you all for replying and giving me your ideas on why it hasn’t sold out. I was just wondering and every idea y’all gave me makes sense, now I was thinking about buying a second peak 2 but I just may have to try the blizzard or Kodiak or even the orca.

Its ironic i got the compass yoyo and now itscsold out

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I think the same for the Gruntbull Orbis 5. A beautiful yoyo that plays amazing. Better than my G2 Marvel. But I think only a few have sold. Now there drastically price reduced

Another reason: Puffin3 and Snow Lzzard are making their debut at worlds

Why didn’t you mention that the Titanium Peak is also making its’ debut at Worlds?


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There is going to be a puffin 3? I did not know that. :slight_smile:

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The Peak 2 is a pretty great yoyo, and I love it, but with so many new releases now, very few yoyos are ever sold out.