Nothing about the Draupnir is revolutionary either…

There is no such thing as a “Better yoyo” they do not exist. A better performing yoyo is all in who is throwing it. If you like how yoyo “A” plays better then yoyo “B” then yoyo “A” is a better yoyo, even if yoyo “A” is a duncan butterfly, and yoyo “B” is a draupnir.
Peaks are great and all but if they don’t fit your style you won’t like them. You had to be around when they came out to understand fully how it all came to be. You can read about it but it doesn’t put that perspective we all had back then into your mind. We have more yoyos released in a month now then we did in a year back then. Especially if you are talking metal yoyos. Which is part of it, but not really the whole story, which I just can’t put into words, I’m not great with my words.

That is why it is revolutionary.

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Hype runs this world…

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it wasn’t hype, you had to be there. to me it’s the best yoyo ever.

Lol, what? I can’t be the only person who caught how stupid that one sounded.

I think it’s hilarious you guys talk crap about a yoyo designed like, seven years ago because it isn’t as good as the top of the line stuff today. You’re saying that Chris, Paul and Levi should have been so far ahead of the game on their first attempt that nothing can stand up to their effort to this day? Straight up retarded.

I don’t know how many more times I’ll have to say this, but there is more to a yoyo than stability, spin time and gap-width. (Peak isn’t even un-stable, you just can’t be sloppy while playing it so unskilled players say it’s crap)

And there were other yoyos that used silicone response, but “plenty”? No. Dif Pads were the standard at the time. Anybody who says differently probably wasn’t even playing at the time.
Peak had Difs first, they played wrong so Chris cut a wide groove into one, shortly after everybody was doing it. Oxy was first.

So why has there been hype over the Peak for the better part of a decade? 'Cause it’s dope, and you people that don’t/won’t/can’t understand why keep talking about/hating on it.

I dont really care what you say but for a fact the design process and research and development that goes into a yoyo now is much more intricate. They for a fact use physics and related math and science to help build a yoyo which will perform better

If what you say is true, than it is nostalgia that drives the value. If you “had to be there” to get the value, then that is where the value comes from.

There is nothing wrong with this. I’m not very taken with the CLYWs that I have. I’m certainly not chasing after one that the company itself won’t even manufacture another run of. It is not part of my nostalgia.

Im not saying its the best yoyo im using it as an example of modern yo-yos. Its a under 64g yoyo made with 7075 aluminum and a machined on steal layer on the rim so it is “revolutionary” have u ever seen 1

McDougle… the rules and laws by which this earth functions do not advance at a rate we can measure.

Physics are not different than they were in 2006, LOL.

Peak is made out of 6061, same as the majority of today’s yoyos.

On paper, new yoyos with max rim weight, exposed axles, 5mm gaps sound “better”, sure. Do you play yoyo on paper, though?

The Peak isn’t discontinued because it is outdated or anything. The first run peak was machined as a mistake.
Its not that they don’t want to make the yoyo again, but can’t. There wont ever be more real Peaks than there were prior to the 2nd run. 3rd was as close as they got, and its still nowherr near the same.

Well said i mean to say physics are applied and used to optimize design more more now. For the sake of this argument im saying current yoyos are better on paper. Put your favorite yoyo is the one you have the most fun with.

I’m sorry I totally forgot about the Any quicksilver
The furhpyo rok
the hicoo west uranium
The ilyy e1ns
The takuto L2
brokenyoyos plug-in
and all the yoyojocas
Oh and The END

I was there when the peak came out and owned an OG peak. I didn’t like it period but that’s because of it’s size and I was into undersized throws. Silicone wasn’t started because of what the peak did. It was starting to become popular during that time for everyone mostly because of the sili recess zero mod so the peak wasn’t that revolutionary. It was just a very good yoyo during it’s time.

I feel like everyone has there opinion and this topic is some what poinless all its going to do is piss people of and start a argument

Hicoo had stickers.
Quicksilver 1 and 2 both had silicone ORINGS
E1NS came out well after the Peak
The End is a remachined Eetsit, not a production model.

Now, if you’ll go back and read my damn post, you’ll see I never said they started it or that the yoyo was revolutionary in any way. Just one of the best, and one of the first to use that type of response.

By the way, why no The End threads? Good luck finding one of those under $600. And there about about 50 of them if memory serves.

Oh, so it’s the illusion of revolution?

Yeah, no. YoyoJam has been doing this for YEARS.

Oh, so it’s the illusion of revolution?Yeah, no. YoyoJam has been doing this for YEARS.

simular but different , its not supposed to be a revolutionary yoyo it was just used as an example of the modern day yoyo

There are many companies who did that before YYR. In no means revolutionary.

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  1. It’s a CLYW
  2. It’s the first CLYW
  3. It’s out of production
  4. Lots of different rare versions

In the beginning i never said it was revolutionary, someone miss under stood me but it seems every one is tripped up on it. Now that every one is saying its not ill make my point. bi metal/ steal rims is not a new theory the night moves series have been doing it for years. Using 7075 aluminum to make the yoyo strong and thin, and using steal on the rims on a yoyo under 64 grams allows the yoyo to have maximum speed staying light as possible with out decreasing spin time or stability. The draupnir is to be only used as a example of modern technology and design. It is some what “revolutionary” in the sense that it used some what unique technology to make a very light with out leaving out spin time and stability, and also made a yoyo made with only performance in mind. In my personal opinion this is one of the first yoyo that has optimized materials and design to make a very light yoyo capable of thing light yo-yos weren’t always able to do. Its also a little bit revolutionary in the sense that sacrifices to achieve performance (looks not important all, have a strong vibe) Its a example of how modern advancements have improved yo-yos. Im not trying say it is the only, the most revolutionary yoyo, but to use it as an example. I like to think i know a lot about yoyos and thats my thought.

**** The Druapnir isn’t ment to be previved as a huge inovation or revultion, or even a good but ONLY as an example of modern technology****

this should have been the first post and it should have been left at that :slight_smile: