UPDATE: FS: CLYW, YYF, OD, and more! ECHO DOT! Accept DogeCoin, BTC/ETH, Paypal!


Hello! Shen703 here. All throws shown are FOR SALE ONLY! However, I am very flexible about prices. Because something is listed for $x, doesn’t mean I won’t sell it for $y. Offers are appreciated, and trades will be considered.


Quake: Near mint, one very small mark on rim. $60 $55

Gnarwhal 2: Near mint, one small scratch and a few Ano flaws. $55

Gradient: Mint in box. $55

Roar: Mint. $35

Shutter: Two marks on the rim. $35

Rally: One or two dings, pictured. $35

Spectrum: Near mint, a few scratches. $30

Finch: No visible marks, mint in box. $55

Oasis: No dings/scrapes, but like the Markmont due to the finish there are a few aesthetic scratches, which can be wiped away easily. (These will occur when you rub your fingernail against it. It is not the Ano rubbing off, rather just the dirt on your fingernail.) $60

Echo Dot, NEW! $45

DOGE ADDRESS: D96u6vfzfw43krQBdEp3tWpZLsoRRY1qFk

BTC ADDRESS: 1FMFpZ8Qzq6qQmN7HH3s7bVjBfX4d5v9ex

ETH ADDRESS: 0xb8E303bD2608e42B197e9f91D098494cc8154D07




BLOOP. found a rally. gimmie dat rave party sine//saw!


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Bump. Guys c’mon! ;D



I have some yoyos. OFFER THROWS OR CASH. Mostly looking to trade.
(will trade multiple yoyos for something good.)

My wants:

C3 Berserker (blue and white and pink splash colorway)
FG Anything (without major vibe)

Benchmark O
Format: C

I would like mint or near mint in box.

Feel free to offer anything. I do package deals :slight_smile:

If you feel the price is too much, offer.

[size=20pt]888x, near mint in package. Silver 2011 Edition. $70 $65 FIRM

[size=20pt]Auldey Luminous, near mint in package. Half gold and Purple.[/size] $40? $35

[size=20pt]Protostar, near mint in package. Red Classic.[/size] $30 $25

I also have a bunch of loopers and a Metal Drifter. Whole lot for $45 $40

OD Dragon Slayer YELETS (engraved) Near mint one or two tiny pinpricks that are MICROSCOPIC (pretty much). $85. $75

http://i.imgur.com/a5DtKuD.jpg (that’s all dust)


Orange eXpert string. About 15. $5

YYF Yoyo holder $10

YYF Lube. $5. (Thin Lube)

MORE PICS (damage n stuff)

Will update frequently!


Bumpalicious. Definition. Make dem throws go loco.


buy/trade meh things!



Bump. Please offer!


Prices lowered! Unbelieveably low!



Up. Please buy!


I believe that Chief is a Falcon Jab colorway.


Don’t think so…