duncan flying squirrel review


ok let me start off with this:
before you go saying that it isnt nessasary to review a $8 duncan this yoyo is very good IMO
and it can compete with a kickside or velocity
ok so first thing is first,a picture:


ok when I got this it was just to add to my collection so I already had all my metals exept my m1
when i first tried it I thought it was too good for $8
the first impression was how similar it was to my mosquito and for what I know it is suppose to be a better model of that
the second thing I noticed was the wheight difference between this yoyo and my mosquito
because of the wheight rings in it
heres a picture:
[img width=150 height=128]http://img520.imageshack.us/img520/3277/picture007zbs.th.jpg

and here is a mosquito:

as you can see the mosquito has a hollow half while the flying squirrel has metal wheights in the halves
here is a picture of the halves compared:

now as I said this yoyo is very similar to a mosquito
here is a picture:
left to right:mosquito,flying squirrel

here it is compared to a f.a.s.t.201 and a velocity:
left to right:velocity,flying squirrel,f.a.s.t.201
left to right:velocity,flying squirrel,f.a.s.t.201
there is one thing I dont like about this yoyo,the response but I fixed that problem by taking off the stickers and found that there are starbursts under them like in this image:
so my has a hibrid response with one sticker and one starburst
also in the YYE review it says this yoyo can take any string trick you throw at it
and it can as you can see in this picture:

I can do all the tricks like suiside ,spirit bomb,and that trick on the picture that I made up

now the real review:
I love this yoyo and it could easily be my pocket yoyo.its spin time is about 30sec-1 min with a good throw.
this yoyo is good maionly because of the wheights, size,and wheight.I love its size and is fairly heavy for it.I use this yoyo for 5a alot and it is also partually desinged for that.its hard to say anything else but I love it!

wheight:66.0 g
whidth:34.05 mm
gap whidth:4.17 mm
diameter: 53.03 mm

1a:9 its awsome for 1a for its price and can compete with more expensive ones easily
2a:3 its ok but the stickers wear out fast
3a:5 I dont have 2 but I think it would be ok
4a:1 too heavy
5a:9.5 great yoyo for 5a and it comes whith a free wheight!

overall this yoyo is great and is a steal for the price of $8!


lol not much of a review sorry. Try to talk about the pros, cons, what you don’t like about it, what you like about it, how it plays, the gap size etc. No offence though :frowning:

Also, upload the images to imageshack first. Then put them here. It will make them possibly visible. I’m looking forward to seeing an improvement to this review :slight_smile:

lol this makes me wanna get one!


made it more of a review and made the images visible :wink:


You said lying squirrel. ;D From the left to right part.




Good review! Nice trick btw, can you make a tut on it lols ;D? man i really want one now…


my sister had one but it couldnt sleep for 5 secs…(probably had this monster crack from the axle to the outside lol, wish i coouldve actually tried a good one :slight_smile:


I was thinking about making a tut and I will.
Ill try to get it up by today. :wink: