Is the Duncan dragonfly/Playmaxx turbo bumblebee GT that bad?? :'(

Okay, as the title says… Is it actually that bad? I’ve always wanted one, since the first time I saw it in the 1998 yoyo boom, I was 7 then… And… I still want it… But… I just read a review by mitch saying that it’s uh… BAD… Is it actually THAT bad? As in, out of the box?

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yeah, it’s that bad. the response pads on the thing wear out within a day if you are a heavy player. that yoyo also can’t support lots of string layers like the new generation yoyos can. it’s an alright yoyo for a beginner but there’s way better out there.

Ah the bias of new yo-yo standards. It all depends on your style of play. I play responsive with my profly I keep in my pocket and when I get the urge I pick up my Hatrick for new style. They both have their style of play. I try to keep a wide verity of yo-yo with me so I can play any way possible. It is all a matter of style. The new and shiniest is not always the best. The rule of thumb is do what you like and don’t be concerned what others say. I do the same thing when it comes to tops I have my favorites and they may not be the newest ones but I like the old school style of them…P.S. I have always wanted a Turbo Bee also, one of these days I will.

the reason I said that stuff is that I used to own one and recently found it(no caps though). I remember trying to learn split the atom and the Bee couldn’t take all the string in the gap and ended up stalling out(probably an error on my part).

I picked mine up recently and I don’t think it is bad at all. It is a great beginners yoyo but I have a clean spec bearing, worn brakepads and a little bit of a shimmed gap and it plays quite well. It is totally unresponsive. I can easily to kamikase and other expert tricks with it. The only problem is that it does have a small gap and it is fairly light so it will run out of spin faster that what you would be used to with the more modern yoyos. Even so, it is still very playable. Mine is quite smooth of top of that. You could probably widen the gap even more with a center track bearing because it would keep the string from slipping off the side of the bearing. All in all, I wouldn’t compete or try to learn a long new trick with it but it will do them if you know how. It is a very fun yoyo to have.

My first yoyo for learning tricks was the Dragon Fly and it was really nice as a beginners yoyo. I got through just about all of the intermediate tricks with them, including split the atom. Mach 5 was the one i couldn’t get. I didn’t mod it in anyway. If you have the 10 dollars for it then go ahead. I got it a ToysRUs for like 10 dollars. It’s really hard to land it on the string when doing tricks though. Trapezes take a while and double or nothings are really hard to land in one motion.

It does get a little harder to land hop tricks. I can land a trapeze or double or nothing on an imperial so that doesn’t really matter for me.

Hmm… I agree that the spin time is a little… short. Then again, as I am in Malaysia, the only yoyo I have access to are Duncans, and the best I’ve seen around are… hayabusa’s. :-[ Ok never mind that. Hmm… They wear out THAT quickly? O_O can you please define heavy player? :-\

They do wear out pretty quickly if you play responsive. You can make them last longer if you rub them up with a little sandpaper when they wear down but it won’t help too much. Most unresponsive 1a yoyos are now over 62-63 grams. The dragonfly is 57 I think. You can order online in Malaysia too though.

Yep I can. There’s like… Uh… 30usd extra for shipping. Would you mind paying 70 dollars for a DM? :-
That’s how sad it is here :’(

If you order it from then maybe the shipping will be less, so try it.

I think that your best bet would be to see if anyone on the BST is close to you and buy something from them, see if there is an online store closer to you, or try sillicone recessing a fhz. Practice on mosquitoes and then move on. There is a video on how to do it if you search. That way you don’t need to buy pads. Also a guy took 2 part epoxy and filled in the gaps between the teeth on the dragonfly and left the outer circle as a silicone recess. Yoyonation uk isn’t supposed to be up yet so I wouldn’t try it… yet.

if you only have accses to duncans get a free hand zero

As of now I do have a Freehand and a Mosquito. Hmm how much different is the Freehand from the FH 0?

I just baught 1 today after reading your post,i would say its not bad but i dont have any new style yoyos but i think its defently worth picking up im glad i did.

ok, so if you live in the uk, than go to

and if you don’t live in the uk, just let us know so we can further assist you :wink:

It says on his profile that he lives in Malaysia.

Yeah, Malaysia, the land with Duncans. Anyone can help?

I heard of nation that is all for yoyos that will set up a place in asia in the future, if you can wait a while on duncan stuff. Your best bet would be to find someone near you that has a lathe and silli recess a fhz. They play awesome. Or you can do it on a drill yourself but you should practice on mosquitoes first.

Hmm… how do you lathe it? Yeah i know what’s latyhe, but I dont know what to do. And… Is flowable silicone the same as those sealant silicones?