I’m a total beginner, so pardon me if I’m not making any sense… :-\

I got my 1st yoyo, Duncan’s Speed Beetle, yesterday… and I immediately started playing with it… and not until today that I realized that the yoyo comes with two metal things that I assume are spacers… so I open up the yo-yo and took out the black plastic spacers (assuming again) and put in the metal ones… but then my yoyo got very responsive… it will only go to sleep for at most 2 seconds and then it’ll come back to my hand… so I got nervous and changed the metal spacers to the plastic ones that I took out… but it did no good… my yoyo is still very responsive…

What’s wrong with my yoyo?? ??? ??? :-[

Just try to put the spacers in the other way. If those spacers are in the wrong way, you will get very short sleepers or maybe even none at all. So just try the spacers in both positions. And the Speed Beetle is a looper, so it’s supposed to be responsive.

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SpeedBeetles are actually looping yoyos. They are made to be responsive, for looping.
I suggest watching these to understand better.

So, if you wan a slightly less responsive yoyo, you can buy several unresponsive yoyos here. What i recommend is a YYF Velocity.
This is a very good beginner-expert yoyo, because you can tune it to be unresponsive, and responsive as well.

Here are several other good yoyos:
Lyn Fury:

As you play with them more, seeing that you are a beginner, they will get more and more unresponsive, to the point that it wont ever come back to your hand unless you do a bind.

If you need some more time to get used to binds, you can make your yoyo more responsive with thick lube.

These are all very good yoyos that can be used for professional play, and with lube, they can be used for beginners and pros. But of course, don’t throw away your beetle  ;D

Note: It might be a bit hard to order stuff from here, because you’re in Singapore, and this is an American website, so if you want, you can also head over to Singapore’s very own SpinWorkx. Sorry for posting to other shops people.

P.S. Are you from NJC?

uh no… sorry… :-\ i’m still in Secondary… doing my Os this year…

and I tried to put the spacer the other way round, but it doesn’t work… !!and now the spacer’s stuck in the yoyo!! I’ve ruined my beetle haven’t I?? :cry:

OK… Now it turns out that they were in the right way in the beginning. I just messed up. But they are possible to get out. The spacers in my mosquito was also stuck when they were in backwards. I was able to get them out with a screwdriver with no problems. Just don get your screwdriver to “deep” into the spacer. I’m not sure how the Speed Beetle’s sidecap system works, but if it’s like tho mosquito, you can easily take out the axle to make things easier.

well, I’ve managed to get one out… but I can’t get the other one out… and I can’t get the axle out too…

Yeah. I guess that’s because there is no hole for the screwdriver on the other side. You might want to find something to get in between the spacer and the axle.

Addment: From looking at pics of the Speed Beetle, I’ve found that the asxle should be removable.

well, the other end of the axle is stuck to the yoyo… i’ve tried yanking it out, but didn’t work… and the space between the yoyo and the spacer is just too small!!! not even a stapler bullet can fit…

If you see two screws on the axle side,you unscrew them,then the cap will pop off,not you should see a black thing made of rubber,take that out with your nails and then just push the axle off,then get the spacer out.To get it back together, you first put the axle back in,then you put the black thing in,then the cap,and screw it on together,I have done it several times,for the same reason infact,but of course,if you are scared of taking the bettle apart there isnt much else you can do other than try to get it out by hitting it on a table,sorry,but be brave,there wont be anything wrong as long as you get the instructions of putting it back. :wink:

I think you might have to take the sidecaps off. You might need a small screwdriver because they are really small:
And remember to keep the small parts in control. Put them in a small cup or something so you don’t lose them. When the sidecaps are off, you can remove the axle since the sidecap isn’t blocking it anymore.

Addment: I couldn’t be more sorry for getting you into this.

uh… after I pop the cap out, I don’t see any black rubber… everything is plastic… ??? ???
but is it okay if i just leave it there and continue playing?? cause I put the yoyo back together and tried, and it seems fine!! :smiley:

@Pheenix: it’s alright… you were just trying to help… :wink:

It’s OK if you just leave it. But you should be able to get that axle out with the cap removed. But it might be that the Speed Beetle doesen’t utilize the black rubber thingy system.

could be… I decided to just take a picture and show it… :-\

As you can see… there are no black rubber thingy… ???

anyway, thanks Pheenix and gm user for your time!! ;D

Yup you are right, no black rubber thingy there. Is the plastic cap removeable? It looks like a separate removable part. If it is, you have a solution to your problem.

i tried to remove it… but it’s no use… and plus, i don’t want to risk destroying the yoyo… lol…

oh and btw, is it normal to have a painful middle finger joint?? i’ve been practicing my strong sleepers and it always hit me on the joint of my middle finger… >:(