Can you change...


Sorry if I have posted this in the wrong category, but, with all stupid mistakes aside, Can you change the bearing to a C bearing on the YYF NEW Velocity?


It comes set up as an A bearing yoyo, and the axle and spacers are A sized, so I doubt you could unless you’re very good with a lathe.


Dah dang it. Hope it is still responsive enough to my liking. Thanks.


It should be dead unresponsive stock, as long as the dials are set up right.


Lol actually I want it quite responsive, as of right now I don’t want to worry about unresponsive. Lolol.


One of my friends had one. When it was setup responsive I could loop with it.


Nope. It’s an A-bearing yoyo.

If you want an inexpensive C bearing yoyo, there are plenty good ones to choose from that are under $20. A few models include the Classic(with upgrades), ONE, WHIP, stackless Grind Machine, PSG and PSG GEM, Asteroid Surge, Alpha Crash, Lyn Fury, Speed Maker and Kickside come to mind as stuff under $20 that I enjoy.

Not too many yoyos use an SPR system that lets you change the bearing type. Other than that, you’re talking some extensive mods to change from an A to a C bearing.

If the dials are wide open, there should be nothing encroaching into the gap and the yoyo ideally should be dead unresponsive. Mine is when set up that way and I haven’t bothered to clean the bearing yet. If you need it responsive, turn the dials and set the response system CLOSER to the string. Try to be even on both sides.

I know the feeling. You can. But that’s a bit too responsive. This is one of the cool things about this yoyo is it will let you do that.


Lol. You can make the yoyo TOO responsive with the dials? That’s actually pretty awesome. I think it will be a little interesting when I to turn it to too responsive, if that’s what you mean? ;D


You can turn the dials so far in it won’t sleep at all. It’ll hit the bottom of the string(maybe, you might be able to pinch off the last couple wraps with the starburst)then climb right back up.

You made the right choice, Velocity will take you as far as you wanna’ go.


Up to how responsive can it get though?


“A” bearing yo-yos are thinner than “C” types. That means the gap is smaller, which means the string will catch on the response system more easily (silicone, o-rings, starburst, friction stickers, etc), and thus more responsive. Thicker string does the same thing.

Responsive means it will come back up with less effort, but will either not sleep at all or sleep less. Unresponsive means it will not come back up even with a tug, and sleep a long time (within the limits of that throw). You also have semi-responsive, which is

As Mikers said, when the dials are turned in all the way, the yo-yo will immediately come back up and not sleep. You can’t get any more responsive than that. Any more responsive, and it wouldn’t travel down the string in the first place.


Wow, that was sooo helpful I cannot thank you enough. I get it quite a bit more. I guess I just don’t understand what sleeping is exactly? Sleeping is how long it spins at the end of the yoyo, right? But now at the same time I am a little more confused… I did not know that responsiveness had to do with how long the yoyo sleeps. So basically, you want to have a fine balance of responsiveness and unresponsiveness, as a BEGINNER then? So you have a good balance of how long the yoyo will sleep and how easy it is to bring the yoyo back to your hand? And one last thing. As dumb as a question this may be, I am being serious when I ask this. What is the importance of sleeping a yoyo and/or what purpose does it serve? And jeez, I have to stop asking questions, don’t I? :-[


Your description of sleeping is pretty accurate. If you’re totally new to yoyoing, you want something ultra responsive, then you gradually want to progress towards unresponsive.

And obviously, you want a yoyo that sleeps so you can do tricks. If the yoyo doesn’t spin at the end of the string, and comes back to your hand as soon as it hits the end of the string, the tricks you can perform are extremely limited. How do you expect to do more advanced tricks if your yoyo doesn’t spin?

Hope this helped!


Awesome! Thanks for letting me know that, it helped. :slight_smile:


Wait but now I am confused. How can you do any tricks when it is set to ultra responsive if the yoyo does not sleep at all?


Longer sleep time means more time for more complicated tricks.

Too responsive and it will basically be a bandalore(where the yoyo string was tied to the axle), not capable of doing anything past a gravity pull.

Too responsive and the yoyo comes back before you want it too, and/or clean up how you play so you’re controlling slack in the string.


Lol. Thanks for ALWAYS being here for me and always answering my questions… ;D I THINK i understand it now, which I most likely do. Thanks again. :smiley:


YoYoFactory has a nice little booklet that comes with the Velocity, it gives you some basic tips. You’ll understand a lot better once you start throwing. Check out Andre’s videos on the Learn section and you’ll get it.

Check out the five styles of play. After you get past the beginner tricks, everything we’ve been telling you will make more sense.

Mostly, the beginner and intermediate tricks are done with a responsive or semi-responsive yo-yo.
1a string tricks are normally done with an unresponsive yo-yo.
2a and looping tricks are done with a responsive yo-yo.

As a beginner, you’ll probably turn your dial all the way to easy, and after getting the feel for it you will start experimenting.


Bro, I swear your some kind of yoyo Jesus coming to the rescue. Thanks. I’m just really nervous that I am going to give up right away because I can’t figure something out or something. =/


My best tip for not losing interest in yoyoing is either to keep buying them, which is horribly inefficient, or keep practicing. Always try perfecting or learning new tricks, or you’ll get bored. Just be persistent, keep at it, and if you can’t figure something out, we’re all here to help.