Beginner's review - Duncan Pulse

(Images and specs are taken from the YYE shop)

Duncan Pulse YoYo at YoYoExpert

Diameter 2.24 inches
Width 1.48 inches
Response Friction Stickers
Weight 54.8 grams

As I understand it, this is basically a Speed Beetle body with the added lights. It uses a ball bearing axle.

About me and the review
This is hardly a new or unknown yoyo, and I’ve seen it recommended many times for a good looping yoyo. The only reason I decided to post a review is because I am a fairly new player and I might have a unique perspective than what you would otherwise find. I first learned to throw a yoyo as a kid, more years ago than I care to admit, but it pre-1980 :wink: . My dad showed me how to do a sleeper and hop the fence, and now and then I would pick up a yoyo to do these and just goof off. It’s been about a week now since I decided I really wanted to learn some tricks, and so I’ve used videos here and in other places to do this.

I have mainly been using Ducan Profires because they can be found at Target or other local stores. After working through some beginner tricks I ordered a Velocity and that’s what I’ve been using for the last few days. I worked through beginner trick list at YYE in a few days, not having any problems getting anything down. I’m now starting on the Intermediate trick list and finding it a bit more of a step up in play. However I’ve always been interested in looping play, so I decided to get a Loop 720 and a pair of Pulses based on suggestions.

Using the Profires I was able to do forward passes consistantly, and I could land a single loop about half of my attempts, and now and then get a second loop out. Beyond that I would have to catch the yoyo as it starts to get out of shape. I found the Loop 720 to be slightly better but still two loops was the most I could do without it spinning out on me. Yesterday the Pulses arrived and I went to them as soon as possible.

The Pulse, when stationary, is not an overly exciting looking yoyo. Mine are clear bodies with red stamps in the plastic, and I’ve seen pictures of the same with blue stamping - I think that’s the only options. Finish is excellent - no flashing on either of the two I have, and the stamped logos are striking. Overall the looks while stationary are just average.

Put the Pulse in motion however and all that changes. I do remember a light up Duncan yoyo from many years ago that used a similar mechanism - batteries in the sides connected to a metal tab that would make contact using centifugal force while spinning to light up, however they were single bulbs. The Pulse uses LEDs for a brighter and crisper light, and best of all, the colors strobe as it spins. When put into a good hard spin the light show is amazing, I don’t know how else to describe it!

I only stopped short of giving it a 10/10 score here because on both my Pulses, one side seems to be less lit than the other. I think that may be a trick of my perspective as the player, and viewed from the side while in play, there is no lack of eye candy.

Feel is a personal thing, but to me this yoyo really feels at home. Even on hard, snappy returns, if I can get a single finger on the body it wants to pull right into my hand. I have medium-large hands and it feels right. The balance is great and it inspires a lot of confidence in me.

As I mentioned earlier, using a Profire or Loop 720 I could not go beyond two loops at my skill level without feeling like I was about to loose control. On my second loop attempt with the Pulse I went for three and landed it without a problem. I can get four loops consistantly and I’ve landed six a few times - all in under 20 minutes of use. This yoyo makes me want to push to get cleaner loops rather than having me anticipating a bad loop that might come back at my face.

It’s very responsive out of the packaging, a bit more than I expected, but I can see the benefit of that immediately. At any angle of throw it returns with the slightest nudge of my throw hand, and returns true and on line. I don’t know yet what changes will come as the response stickers and bearing break in, but I think it could stand to lose a little off the responsiveness and still be a great looper. As it is now, it’s a bit too responsive for much else other than looping. Sleep times are fairly low (relative) but again, that’s not what this was designed for.

Excellent light show
Great looper
Inspires confidence
Price - at $9 this is all value

Sticker response system - some people do not like having to replace these. I can’t comment on that personally yet.

I hope you enjoyed the review, and maybe this will help some others that are starting out as I am.

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Awesome Review!!

Very nice review, in depth, descriptive.

Is this your First Review?

awesome review man

Finally, a Duncan Pulse review!

Very, very nice review. ;D

Yep, I’ve only been at the “serious” yoyo’ing for about a week now. I’m not good enough to really compare one to another, but I was so happy with the Pulse right away I needed to say something 8) As I said, the review is from the perspective of a real newbie and I wouldn’t hesitate to suggest this purchase to others. For someone with some skill I bet the Pulse will be a real charmer.

Sigh, I made one in March, and no one posted any comments, so it died.

Awesome review Millertime ;D Very good review, really enjoyed reading it  :slight_smile: See ya people, da pulse rocks!  ;D

Btw, if it starts getting responsive, deshield the bearing and dump it into a container of vaseline overnight, and let the jelly go into the bearing. This will make it more responsive. Wait for more 2a players to give advice here, not sure exactly how to do it properly.

Anyway, this is one of the best reviews i’ve ever read, really!  ;D

Awesome review!
I guess now I have another choice if I wanna pick up looping. :slight_smile:

Very nice review, very organized and descriptive

Awesome review!!! The Pulse was also one of my first yoyo’s and i love it. The only things that i would add are that I aslo have a Speed Beatle and although they are very similiar I like the play of my Pulse better ( could just be the lights ;D ). And like Millertime I also noticed that one side seemed to light up more than the other, but when i asked people about it they said both sides look th same. I guess maybe it only looks like that if you’re the one throwing it?

Pretty good review you got there. I have to comment the 1/10 scale ratings though. The reader should make up it’s own opinion from reading the review, not any ratings.

i think this review was… well really good, i just recently got my pulse and it runs great, im ganna learn some looping tricks so i can show off at night, and when i got it i was in the middle of string tricks so i tried to make it work, i got brain twister, double or nothing, the matrix, mach 5, trapeze, and the zipper, it was difficult but i got it to work, so if you can i suggest for both string and looping, but yeah great review, i give it 5 stars

Nice long review, but I still don’t want one.