Duncan Pulse Review

This is my first review of a yoyo, so take it easy! This is from a beginner looper’s perspective. I have never used any looping yoyos except proyos.

An hour or so ago, i received my Duncan Pulse from Spinworkx.
When i opened the package, i saw what i was expecting, my fast offstring and my pulse. So, i let my brother open the box of the pulse, and then i played with it for a while.

The Pulse is an improvement to the Speed Beetle. New lighting technology offers increased color changing lights and patterns with each second of increased spin time. Despite the lights and the batteries, it only weighs 54 grams!

Shape Modified Imperial
Weight (g) 54.80
Width (mm) 37.69
Diameter (mm) 56.95
Gap Width (mm) 3.17
Bearing Size (Inside x Outside x Width) 5x10x4
Gap Type Fixed
Stock Response System Duncan Friction Sticker
Thanks yoyonation!

First Impression: It looked cool! Although it had several mold marks, it still looked pretty cool. The circuit inside the yoyo was cool to study, but i couldn’t understand how it worked, so i didn’t really care anymore. I cut the string, tied the loop and put it on my finger. I started looping.

Looping tricks: It is awesome for looping! People say that having a better yoyo doesn’t make you a better yoyoer, but this is an exception! I started looping using a proyo, and could barely make 5 loops in a row, because of its intolerance. But with the pulse, even if the yoyo starts tilting, you can continue looping, and it will sort of “Fix” the tilt itself. Even if its ufoing, you can make it go back to normal with little effort! It rocks at looping!

The lights: Okay, I wasn’t really expecting much of the pulse for the lighting, but when i saw it while looping, i didn’t really think much of it. When i videoed myself looping, i was amazed. With the lights off, it looks like a fireball (No, not yomega)flying back and forth! It owns! (i will upload the video soon)

String tricks: So, i wanted to see if i could do any string tricks. I managed to do a trapeze (Ooooo), and i even managed to go through a split the atom using it. I was not expecting that.

Cons: If you slam it/put it down roughly, it will start lighting up like an angry person. You need to do a few loops to turn it off. It came with tons of cracks and several mold marks, but not too visible from far away. Okay its not even visible unless you look closely.

Looping: 211/10. It owns.
String tricks: 5/10. It doesn’t sleep long, but you can do tricks like atomic bomb.
3a: -458/10. 3a needs long sleepers!
Offstring: 2/10. Don’t do it, if you miss, you will damage the lighting ability i think. Its not that durable.
5a: -4/10. Too responsive.
Overall: 8/10, its a great beginner yoyo! I highly recommend it for learning looping tricks!

Video/Gallery coming soon…

good review man i got the pulse and thought the same stuff about it, i love the colors, cause in the summer i get to show off at the beach, but yeah overall it was a good review, thanks keep makin more

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