When the Pulse Beetle Looper came out, I thought it was amazing. The lights, the action, really superb. Deep down inside I was hoping for a string trick pulse model, and I’m sure I was not the only one to wish for one. And now… it’s here!

*** YoyoExpert Price $24.99 (Nov 2011)***

Appearance: The yoyo comes in standard molded transparent casing with counterweight and cotton string. On the reverse you’ll find the product description and specs. The FHZ body appears to be the standard FHZ body. It’s a translucent body that comes in three color options; Clear, Blue and Flourescent Yellow. You can see the entire guts of the yoyo; the batteries, wire contacts, and Leds. There is One LED per half.

Feel: This is my first FHZ and I really like the feel of the body in the hand. It’s narrower than I expected but its still very full bodied and kinda meaty and fat. It has a soft silky texture and just all around comfortable! I can see why people really like the FHZ!

Lights: I was at a loss which body color to choose at first because I had thought perhaps maybe there were different internal light combinations between the 3. Having bought a Clear body Pulse looper last year, I had an idea of what the lights might look like but this is another generation of Pulse so I really did not know what to expect. Fortunately, I was informed by YYE, that all 3 body colors have the same internal lights! They recommended me to buy the yellow one as it shows the colors better. So I did!! The yellow looks striking by the way, on its own even without the lights.

I had to wait til dark to throw this with great anticipation as you may imagine. U ready???

(These series of dark pics are all unedited color wise and are intended to show the true color cycles of the FHZ. Each pic is one extended exposure of one throw only. One shot, one throw.)

Upon the first throw, it took about 1 second for the lights to activate and WOW!!. It’s beyond incredible to say the least and it surpassed my highest expectations. As the yoyo spins you get a major blast of light. You can definitely be seen from a long distance. I mean its really really bright. It has animated stages throughout play, around 5 I think. There is flashing, alternate flashing, a spectrum of color combinations and then monochromatic colors and then alternating color changes again. The rims project one tone while the center has a ton of simultaneous color expressions. Its truly amazing! Each half operates different patterns and combinations. At a certain stage one half of the lights spin forward while the other half spins backwards and so on. It’s Just incredible, INCREDIBLE!!!

The counterweight die also has an internal light! It’s a rich and radiant blue light that really pierces the night. You could almost light your way outside with it hehe. I’m not proficient in 5A enough to even try it with this because I know I’d be dropping it and perhaps ruining its electronics! But it’s so cool looking. To turn the die lights on, you find a small button at no 5 and press it with a pen tip and its on. Press and hold to turn off.

Playing completely in the dark, the yoyo gives off enough light for you to see the string. It’s so so amazing and incredible. You will DAZZLE people with this, especially non throwers! hehe They’ll just fade away into the light and maybe just keel over entirely at the whole experience. Its surreal!!!

Play: On the string, the yoyo feels solid and fairly stable. This FHZ is 70 grams, 5 grams heavier than the standard FHZ, so be prepared for that if you get this. I have to say that the yoyo out of the box is extremely responsive. It has two friction stickers and a heavily lubed size A bearing. I was so impatient to try this out that I started comboing as usual and paid the price. I got 2 knuckle busters so I had to see about making this unresponsive and fast! It has the same set up as the Duncan Metal Drifter so you’ll need to remove a sticker and clean the bearing. Removing a sticker is not enough. I tried it and it still hit me in the knuckles so you really have to clean the bearing!

I also recommend you not use the cotton string. I put in trusty slick 6 for a more unresponsive feel. After this mod, I felt more comfortable as the throw did become unresponsive. The yoyo has wide range capability and can do all basic, intermediate, advanced, expert and master tricks be they front or horizontal style play. It’s not a lengthy lengthy spinner but very good for select combos. The yoyo is rather sluggish to move around but that’s ok, I mean its all about the lights anyway! And It is 70 grams after all. I do not feel any string drag which is a plus and the binds are good and tight.

I had no Idea about the FHZ before this so I am pleased with its overall range and capacity. I do see room for improvement with this model though. I would love for them make this with a narrow and wide C bearing option for the beginner and advanced player, like YYJ does and with silicone ring response! How awesome would that be? A downside to the counterweight is that the counterweight batteries can not be replaced! So when they’re out, they’re out. It does come with 3 batteries so perhaps when one dies, the other takes over. But I really don’t have the facts on it. Fortunately though, YYE sells these separately, so that helps!

Conclusion: The earliest image of the yoyo appears an ancient Greek Vase (Above) dating back to 440 BC. The material? Terra Cotta (Fired Clay). Well, nearly 2,500 years later it is safe to say that Duncan has produced THE MOST ELECTRIFYING, and SPECTACULAR VISUAL display in Yoyo History!!

When you throw this. You’re in ethereal bliss. It’s handling and performance is good but the LIGHTS!!! Its all about the Lights… You’ll forget about everything else you’ve ever complained about when you play it and see it in action! If you’re a kid, you’ll love it!! And if you’re an adult, you’ll be a kid all over again, even more than before! And if you’re married, your wife or husband won’t complain about this expense! And if they do, you can tell them Chris/Reddsigma on YYE told you to!

I encourage everyone to get one ASAP! Because Everyday that passes by without one is a day that you don’t enjoy the most fabulous, spontaneous, light show display you’ve ever had in your house! It’s not just a yoyo, it’s an Event!


I think you over do the .gifs


Please keep comments yoyo related. thx


there’s a bunch of jpegs too! oo and yoyo related I have the FHZ pulse and its way more stable than any mod I have ever… every played on a regular. The regular needs like northstar rings or something.


I wondered about the regular FHZ. Sounds as if you mean its not as stable as the pulse. Thx for adding your experience.


Hmmm, I might consider getting this now, it has been a long time since I’ve seen another light up yo-yo up for sale and this seems like a winner. Thanks for the comprehensive review.


Your Welcome. I am sure you will love this, there’s nothing else like it on the market and its so much fun! Good Luck!


Your pictures of the yo-yo lighting up are awesome!! I really wanted one…but now I really really want one, haha. Nice job!


Thx friend! I hope u get one soon!


great nighttime pics ;D


Thanks! They were fun to do ;D


Really Dude?? This guy is actually doing something different, making his review look like some actual time and effort were out into them and your gonna call him out on it? I say keep it up for sure.


What’s up Matt! Thx for the kind support!

As a rule I know you can’t be all things to all people and please them all of the time. And then some people have a suave way of polluting a nice clean thread hehe.

However I enjoy giving the reader something more than just text and photos, especially the younger members here in the forum.

Thanks again and have a good one!


I bought one prior to this review, but even so, reviews on all products are welcomed. In fact, more reviews on more products as well as more reviews on products that already have reviews are welcomed.

I feel that a good review should NOT be a video. Honestly, I’m getting sick of having to wait for a video to NOT get the information I need, especially with a poorly done narration(use a script, please!). If you can do a video, then you sure can do photos. Even crappy web cams with capture can do frames. Heck, pull frames from video.

A good review should be text, specs and pictures, as well as impressions, opinion(it all comes to that) and editorial. Video is optional and will vary based on the skill of the reviewer. This review went a bit above and beyond with “action snaps”, which considering the lighting effect is a major draw for this yoyo, it makes perfect sense. I just wish more reviews would take this kind of effort. A lot of people do make similar efforts, and all I can say is I appreciate the efforts greatly. I read them!

Overall, I feel it’s a well done review. Hopefully many more to follow by this reviewer and others to be modeled from this one.


sweet i have 3


Awesome… presumably all three body colors??


Great review! I’m definitely interested in buying one now.


You will absolutely love it. The Lights are Amazing!


yes yes it is