Duncan FH Zero Pulse


Looks pretty sick:


It is. Get one. Way fun. I have one, I speak from experience. I’m trying to wear out the friction stickers so it won’t be so responsive.


I took one of the stickers off and put one drop of One Drop lube in the bearing and perfect unresponsive Duncan FHZ Pulse YoYo! I love mine too. But the counter weight is pretty crappy, mine broke in one day and another friend has had theirs broke. I called duncan and going to return my counter weight and they are going to replace it. It is pretty cheaply made though.


I’m not doing 5A yet with it. Got like 7 weeks to get my 5A act in order for an event. Probably won’t happen. Might just learn some 2A stuff with my Duncan Pulse loopers.


Are you doing a yoyo demonstration? I know you said you might be doing some with schools, if so let me know, I want to do the same thing and maybe we can put our brains together and come up with a show concept. Have you tried any other loopers? I have loop 900s but thinking of going with unleashed and haven’t tried any duncan loopers yet.


I don’t have a demo planned yet. It’s for the SacAnime. When I have to do the “Club Rave” after I mix the the concerts on Friday and Saturday), I gotta sit in the room and keep an eye on my gear. So, might as well have my own little show. We got plenty of kids glow sticking and doing glow-poi type juggling, os might as well do my own thing.

As far as trying other loopers, that’s a strange question, well, my answer is strange. I have a Fireball, 2 Unleashed and 2 Pulse yoyos. Chances are I’ll start with the fireball to get my looping down, then move to the Unleashed pair for really dialing it in. By then, I’ll be fine no matter what I use. I think I’d rather focus on 1A as I think that’s as far as I would go. I can use my new light up FHZ and my glow DieNasty. If I can incorporate some combos and basic 5A stuff, that would rock.

I’m already planning to get a pair of Loop 900’s and Raiders. Variety is good in modified shape yoyos, just as it is in wing shaped yoyos.

I’m not even worried about a demonstration program going live until August, but I am going to start developing it in February. Since some of it will be videos(at least 15 minutes), that gives me maybe 45 minutes to develop. I figure 5 2-3 minute demo per style. That drops me to anywhere from 10-15 more minutes of time gone. I figure about 5-10 minutes of general information, and the rest being Q&A and hands on. Heck, if this goes coast to coast, I’d be looking at a “Throws across America”. I wouldn’t mind tying this into other stuff I do as well. Do it as a concert warm-up wiht high-energy DJ-based music as an opener to a concert.


That sounds sweet. I’ve been playing around going to the schools and doing demonstrations, but being a performer myself, I don’t want to do anything till I have a show down. I’ve had an opportunity to watch the Duncan Professionals do a show which is basically the same concept of introducing the styles, the basic tricks and so forth. I video taped their show to use as a starting point and adjusting it as well. I’ve also talked to a couple of people who do shows with schools and other events that I’m sure I can tap for ideas. But, in order to keep this thread on topic. I have two shaqler edition loop 900’s i’ll do a straight up trade for your unleashed :slight_smile: hmmmm that probably wasn’t good enough to keep this on topic…ummmmm I errrrrrr think the unleashed would do me better than the Duncan Pulse…THERE! Brought it back around :slight_smile:


I agree from the standpoint that I don’t want to do something until I have all the elements together. But, my focus is being “the invisible man”. I don’t thrive on being in the spotlight or having the attention focused on me, my emphasis is keeping the attention on the stage. However, I don’t have stage fright or have issues with public speaking, it’s just not my thing.

But to bring this thread back on topic:
Having light up elements such as the Duncan Pulse or FHZ Pulse, the lights do a lot to getting kids excited and interested. You do a trick, it’s cool. You do a trick with a glowing yoyo in the dark, that’s even cooler. Do it again with an LED yoyo and that’s even cooler than glowing.

Plus, in this one show I do, there’s two spots where the show needs a distraction element. We had this guy doing poi juggling, but he’s vanished from the picture. It seems I take up the slack for this show. I do the video editing for the performance video and I do the editing for the post-show evaluation video, plus full sound and lighting production. I’m made it clear I’m not going to handle the flying rig and do not want to function as a state manager. But, since everyone else in the show and production gets stage time, I would have to come from around the console, do some 20-seconds worth of stuff and then vanish to back behind the console Having a light up yoyo would have MUCH greater distraction power over just a glowing yoyo.

What Duncan SHOULD do with the FHZ Pulse is make the CW held together with screws so that way the batteries can be replaced. By the time I get to 5A with this item, which I have no estimation on, it’s gonna be way past any sort of reasonable time to expect Duncan to replace it should it break.


from what it seems though, just getting it to stay together for a few throws might be challenging. I’m returning mine like I said cause it came apart but now I can’t find the batteries and little chip. Not sure if they are going to let me return it with that missing. But if that blasted thing wouldn’t have fallen apart in the first place I wouldn’t have this problem. If you got it you can see how cheap it is. But again it is a 4.00 counter weight. I would rather pay a little more and have a nice light up LED one.


I think I’m going to get an LED astrojax set. The batteries are replacable and then I’ll end up with 3 round counterweights, which is what I want anyways. Hopefully they can stay lit. If not, well, I’ll just have to get my 5A game better sooner.


I don’t know how astro jax work, but couldn’t you just use one of them like a normal counterweight?


That’s what I intend to do. I’m buying the Astrojax in order to get the LED balls to use as counterweights, 1 at a time. Hopefully it doesn’t require total destruction.


Sorry studio42 astrojax are way to heavy for 5a :-[


Only one way to find out, but I’ll take that into advisement. I’m not in any hurry to go order something that in order to use it I gotta destroy it. Not really my style.

So, either way you have my attention. Why would they not be suitable for 5A? What kind of weight should I look at and what kind of weight do you say the LED astrojax balls are? Or, if you don’t have hard number answers, I’m willing to read any sort of logical explanation. I want to learn, and I’ll listen to different opinions.