Friction Stickers VS Looping Stickers VS Sili Stickers

I tried to search for this, but I couldn’t find the answer.

What is the difference between Duncan’s Looping Stickers and Friction Stickers? I am about to replace the friction stickers in my Pulses, and I do not want to put Friction Stickers back in. How well do the Looping Stickers do? Do they wear out really fast? Right now, I am looking at putting in Silicone Stickers since I already have plenty, but how well do they do in looping yoyo’s?

It is to my knowledge that silicone stickers may work in your pulses, but not nearly as well as looping stickers would. Looping stickers basically give the yoyo more response, helping it to not sleep at the end of loops. Silicone stickers are for less response for string tricks. They last much longer than friction stickers, but I’m not sure how they stack up to looping stickers. Friction stickers are kinda in the middle. They provide alot of response, but not as much as looping stickers. Hope this helps. :slight_smile:

I use silicone stickers in my Speed Beetles. I think they work fine. They slip sometimes, but they did that when I was using regular friction stickers too. But to be honest, the only reason I didn’t put in the looping stickers is because I was too lazy to order them. I already had some sili stickers so I just put those in. I’ll say it again, I think the sili stickers work just fine and they’ll last for a long time. I hope I helped.

I’ve not tried the looping stickers but sili stickers should work fine. Sili stickers have more/better response than friction stickers in my opinion. If you’ve got some put them in for a trial. I’ve played my raiders w/one friction sticker. When it goes I’m going to replace it with the sili sticker.

Go go Silicone stickers! Silicone is a great response.