Friction Stickers

I’m new to YoYoing. I just got a Duncan Mosquito for Christmas and I’ve really liked playing with it. My friction stickers are starting to get unresponsive and I’m not sure if I should replace them. What do I do?


Well, If they are starting to get unresponsive, than you should:

A. Learn to bind.

B. Buy silicone stickers next order instead of friction stickers.

And C. Eat a cheesecake, and dont forget to eat the nice cherry on top.

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Thanks! What are silicone stickers? And where can I learn to bind? Sorry if I sound lazy, but I haven’t looked around the site much yet.

the bind return can be found at the end of the intermediate section of “learn.” silicon stickers are not currently in stock but can be found on another website. (pm me for the link)


Silicone stickers are currently in stock, I placed an order yesterday. Open the page for the item friction stickers and they are in the pull-down menu. You need the 12mm for this throw.