Duncan Mosquito friction stickers

I just got a Duncan mosquito for Christmas and found out that I really like yoyo-ing. I’ve used the yoyo so much that the friction stickers it came with are very worn out. I’ve heard really good things about silicone stickers. I’ve also done some research about binding returns. What should I do? Buy new friction stickers, buy silicone friction stickers, or should I try and do binding instead?

Buy silicone stickers and then learn to bind.

Worn out friction stickers won’t last you too long, and silicone stickers are longer lasting and unresponsive; so you can go wrong.

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Thanks! Are the 12mm Duncan Silicone Friction Stickers a good thing to buy?

I’ll agree with the “buy” statement, but I’ve not found sili stickers to be less responsive. They do last long though.

Yes, that is the size you want.

Or upgrade to a cheap unresponsive, ONE, yyj Classic, Or a Whip.

I believe a mosquito can be made to play as responsive or unresponsive as any of those you mention.

Yes but it’s not Made for u-r play, also it’s shape is narrow and the ones I mentioned are better for beginners. It’s just my opinion.