Duncan Vendetta Snags

I recently purchased a significantly marked down Duncan Vendetta when I was down at Disneyland (and kudos for my Disney AP for additional discount too!). After feeling how smooth it was at sleeping, admiring how solid it felt and everything I started seeing that it actually likes to snag…a lot! When I got back to my hotel room to undo a knot (rather not try to take something apart in a mildly crowded area), it dawned on me that this actually uses the Duncan friction stickers, probably my least favorite response system. It’s been a while since I used a yoyo with the wide stickers as I’ve been used to the silicone groove response.

Are there alternatives to the Duncan stickers that will last longer and also be less likely to snag on me when I try either a grind or slack trick? I’d hate to have those sharp edges come flying back at me full speed :slight_smile:

Duncan silicone stickers fit the bill. Last much longer than the friction stickers. Maybe try using just one. That seemed to work fine for the FHZ response friction sticker issues as far as two being too responsive.

Oops, forgot (again) that there were silicone and friction stickers. The Vendetta was actually outfitted with 1 silicone sticker.

Perhaps just breaking in the silicone sticker then?

break it in or swap to dif-pads.

I find it works best with dif-pads and a concave bearing of some sort.