Duncan Friction Stickers

I’m thinking about getting a FH2 but I don’t want to get hosed with having to buy $100 worth of stickers.

Are there replacement stickers that last like silicone/RTV?
Or is the recess on the new FH2s deep enough to hold RTV so that it won’t rub off?

Other response pads last much longer than friction stickers. Dif pads and Duncan silicone stickers are some of my favorites.

the new fh2’s are sticker recessed, they’d fit silicone stickers no prob.

I suppose you could also use Flowable Silicone in the recesses on the new Freehands.

How long do silicone stickers last?

…Are you sure it’ll work

I don’t want to buy then figure out that it won’t work.

It’s not deep enough. Just buy Duncan silicone pads. They look like the old friction stickers but they last a lightyear longer. I think they are in the top 3 favorite pads.

Does ToysRUs sell silicone stickers? Or is it only online

I remember seeing extra duncan string, not sure about stickers ???

i think they might not sure but i know puzzle zoo does cause thats where i got my metal zero when i started yoyoing

if the Duncan come stock with silicone stickers

is it recessed enough for regular silicone?

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The friction stickers that come with Duncan yoyos don’t usually last that long but if you buy new ones… lets just say I’ve been using the same friction sticker for 6 months and i can’t see any signs of wearing down.

The silicone stickers are great. Friction stickers are horrible.

In a nut shell. Bazinga!