Siliconing Duncan Freehand 2?

Yeah, i’m new here and i have to ask a question. I would like to know if it is possible to silicone a stock freehand 2. i had one before, and I didn’t have any type of way of replacing the response after the pads wore out in 3 hours, so i returned it to toys r us. My concern is that the recess is too shallow and will not hold the silicone well. i have siliconed my PGM v2 and my friends Lyn multiple times, so I’m not too much of a noob to silicone and its application. Any comments thoughts and criticism are welcome and thanks for your time. ;D

You can I guess but just put in new pads in stead of returning a perfectly good yoyo.

If you can order online the I would suggest getting some duncan silicone pads. Not the normal friction stickers. The silicone pads will last much longer by weeks or months over the friction stickers.

If all else fails yes you can silicone one. You’ll have to send it to a modder to get it done though.

Since you are new I’ll tell you that all the information you see in this post is from a modder.

Thanks for the info. to have it modded for silicone, that would be like taking lathe and cutting a channel out deep enough to take and hold the silicone, right?

Yes, that is correct. Without that groove the FH2 will not hold silicone very well.

I sili’d the stock recess on my new FH2 and it makes it real responsive. Stick w/ the Duncan Sili pads, they work great and last a very long time. I haven’t changed mine in over a month.

would a k-pad work? and another question, that doesn’t really relate to the fh2. is a PGM v2 bearing stainless or normal steel?