Do you guys think I can silicone a Duncan Freehand 2?

I was wondering because I’m going to silicone it because it looks like it’s recessed enough so I can do it. Will it work?

Yes, but it doesn’t hold very long and it makes it very responsive. Your best bet would be to pick up some Duncan sili pads, they work great and last a very long time.

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well I don’t want to buy any because there are no local stores that sell any yoyo accessories, do you know how to make friction stickers then?

Oh well then.

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LOL, and you won’t find anything better then an fhz in most brick and mortar stores.

From someone who’s tried and has the same philosophy (no stores around here stock pads), I’ve used RTV silicone (which lasted the longest, about a couple weeks of constant use before I started to see signs of wear, used blue Permatex RTV, worked great!) as well as trying some 99-cent store sili known as “Pro Seal.” The recesses aren’t deep enough for softer silicone as it just tore on me. The 99-cent store stuff does wonders with my Lyn though.

I beg to differ. Everyone has their own Opinion. I’ve done it with both Flowable and RTV, Flowable is more responsive and the RTV is unresponsive. Plus I only siliconed 1 side and Cleaned the bearing in which it made it unresponsive, check it out

Yesterday I bought some more silicone at the 99 cent store, this time I figured I’d try out the red hi-temp RTV. I mean, it was only a dollar so what’s there to lose? I tried it out in my Metal Drifter and right now it plays beautifully…binds when I want, otherwise unresponsive. This stuff’s much firmer than the clear adhesive sealant RTV I tried before (that just tears right out of the shallow recess). Kind of feels like a shiny Duncan silicone pad. We’ll see how long it lasts however. I also tried it on one of my Freehands and it works nicely.

Did you silicone 1 or both sides?

I only did one side, that’s all mine seems to need. I’m also using only 1 side on my Drifter and it’s completely snag free and unresponsive.

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Yeah I did my Drifter on one side too and is completly unresponsive. I used the Blue RTV Silicone and I think this is harder then the Clear Flowable Silicone. So I guess in away even though people say it won’t work it can’t hurt to try anyway (in Some Cases, lol) here’s my Drifter’s

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