Friction Sticker Questions

I was planning on getting a FHZ and was wondering how long the friction stickers usually last. Also, what would be a good replacement for the Friction sticks, IE. Dif-e-yo Friction stickers or jsut regular Duncan frction stickers?

Duncan friction stickers don’t last very long. A couple of days of hard play will wear them out. Both Duncan silicone stickers and Dif pads are great replacements. Those will last many months and play much nicer.

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Or you could take off the stickers, and silicone recess it. works pretty well, and silicone lasts quite some time if done right.

I was told that flowable doesn’t work well on FHZ. Also, I don’t have the tools to recess it

you can try to make friction stickers with electrical tape, what I would do is stick two pieces of electrical tape side by side on wax paper so that it looks like it’s one tape. Now, get a friction sticker and trace the pattern with a pen or a thin sharpie. Then, get an X-Acto knife and cut out the pattern. Now peel out the two pieces and stick them on your yo-yo one by one. BTW this does work, but the stick may wear out after a while.

I got this idea from this video,

really? I’ve always heard the opposite. And I haven’t had any problems with mine.
I think BillyBob’s actually sold some that Takeshi recessed and painted himself even.
And all you need is a drill and a jeweler’s screwdriver (a small flathead, about 2mm iirc)
If you wanna use stickers though that’s cool too. whatever works for you. :slight_smile: