Novice Question of the Day! #001

This is the friction sticker on my Pro Z. I bought it (the Pro Z) about 5 days ago and its undergone moderate to heavy use. Is that the normal life span of a friction sticker? :-\

duncan friction stickers typically don’t last long.

That’s a bummer, there’s no where near by to get replacements. Ill probably end up just buying a better yo yo online, since that’s where i have to buy the friction stickers. Maybe its a blessing it disguise. still sucks, i was really getting into it.

consider buying duncan silicone stickers. they last much longer.

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Also, consider getting a tube of flowable silicone at your local auto shop (Big O, Auto Zone, etc.).  They are relatively cheap and there are plenty of youtube tutorials on how to silicone your yo-yos.  Could save you some money and disappointment in the future!

Here’s a great video on it that I learned from.  Also, you can get silicone from YYE as well now that I think about it (ILYY sILLYcone?)

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I havent really been overly impressed with the Pro Z. Im thinking of upgrading to a different beginner-intermediate yo yo.

YYJ Journey -
YYJ Prelude -

initially i was looking at the Whip or the KickSide, but i was worried that they look rather light, which is my problem with the Pro Z.

Any suggestions? I dont want to spend any more then about $16 to get started.

In that case take a look at the Lyn Fury! Awesome throw for about that price, although for full unresponsive potential you’ll need to silicone it and possibly add shims if you really want, the shims aren’t really necessary though.

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That’s a good looking Yo Yo, it’ll def be at the top of my list. Thanks!

i’m a big fan of the pinnacle. hope that helps.

Certain yoyos, especially Duncan plastics, don’t accept flowable silicone into the response groove all that well. The groove is way too shallow, and the silicone will chunk out within a few hours.

Just pick up some Duncan silicone stickers. They last eons longer than friction stickers.

EDIT: Good news is that YoyoJams will accept flowable silicone readily, so that is a perfect option later on down the line if you decide to try it out.

I definantly agree. It’s a great responsive yoyo to start with and then, once you’re ready, just silicone it and maybe clean the bearing and you have an amazing unresponsive yoyo.

You could also go with the Adegle PSG or Asteroid. They’re both great yoyos for their price. They’re both unresponsive so if you do go with those you would need a bottle of thick lube to make them responsive.

If you’re just starting off though, I say go with the Lyn Fury. It’s meant to be responsive and plays great that way and then can easily go unresponsive and also be great that way.

silicone isn’t necessary. you can use something like a razor blade or just a sharp knife and trim the orings down. And clean the bearing. Then you’re good as gold. The lyn fury is a great yoyo :slight_smile:

Thanks for the input guys! The Lyn Fury is in the mail!

Enjoy the Lyn Fury.

Order some Duncan 12mm Silicone stickers for your ProZ. Don’t trash it, it’s still got some life left in it. Add the silicone stickers, put in a CenterTrak bearing and it’s gonna be very unresponsive and still an amazing amount of fun.

I really like the ProZ’s. I’ve been recommending them like crazy for people. Clearly, with the inventory turn-over at the local Toys R US(they are in stock again in Elk Grove, go snap them up, along with Metal Drifters!!). However, as you pointed out, after-sales support for Duncan at a “brick and mortar” retail level is horrible unless you want more strings, and even then, a 5 pack is kinda useless. Silicone stickers last a lot longer than the friction stickers.

When you’re ready for advanced play, rip out the o-rings of your Lyn Fury and silicone them, then clean your bear and you’ve got an amazing unresponsive throw. I have 2 Lyn Fury yoyos. I really like them.

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