Buying New Beginner-Intermediate Yo YO. Need Help!

Im looking to buy a new Beginner- Intermediate Yo Yo. I have a Pro Z and i haven’t been really impressed. Also the friction stickers is shot after less then a week, so its either buy a friction sticker or a yo yo id enjoy more. Here’s what i’ve been looking at.

YYJ Journey -
YYJ Prelude -
Lyn Fury -

I was also looking at the Kickside or the Whip, but they look awful light.

I want to keep the cost < $16 to get started.

Suggestions would be awesome. Thanks!

Get the Lyn fury.

Great for beginners.

Responsive at first.

Yank the o-rings out and put in flowable silicone.


Get it.


If you can bind I would get a psg or asteroid but if you can’t yet I woul definitely agree with what Shadowz143 said.

lyn fury fo’ sho’. a classic.

I’ve had good experience with the one. Plus, it can go from responsive to unresponsive.carries you a long way, highly recommenend. Heard you have to clean a prelude bearing to make it go unresponsive. Don’t know if your willing to do that as a beginner.

The Prelude comes with the N-bearing(half width C-bearing). Cleaning it will make the yoyo less responsive, but t make it full unresponsive you would need to use a clean SPEC bearing. A beginner should not do this, at least not yet. The ONE is a better beginner throw, yet enough for a challenge for advanced players who want to try with a lighter throw. I recommend many of us to own a ONE.

If you know how to bind I’d recommend an Adegle Asteroid or PSG, or a YYF StarBrite.

If don’t know how to bind I’d have to recommend the YYF ONE. Although I think it has less character than a YYJ it’s the cheapest and easiest to make unresponsive.

If you can bind, go for the asteroid. I hated my psg, but I am really liking the asteroid!!